MVB Packing Cubes are a must have for traveling!

With the holidays coming, many people go traveling. Whether it is to a loved one’s home, to a destination vacation, or to escape the cold temperatures. Many people are going somewhere and with traveling, comes the tedious task of packing.

Being a parent of children, packing can be a major headache. Especially when we reach our destination because I am trying to fit everything into one suitcase to save on baggage fees. The suitcase looks like my four year old packed them. I get frustrated because there is no order with anything and it is like digging through an abyss trying to find anything. I also run into the issue of things spilling and getting all over everything.
There had to be some kind of solution to this never ending madness, but what exactly. I needed something that could help me stay organized. Something that I could depend on that was durable. Then I stumbled across one of the greatest things ever. Packing cubes from a company called MVB Ventures. These packing cubes are amazing!
They sent me a set of packing cubes to review and man I am so happy they did this. As a matter of fact, I am ecstatic. This set includes 1 x Small (11 x 6.75 x 3.25″) 2 x Medium (13.75 x 9.75 x 3.25″) 1 x Large (17.5 x 12.75 x 3.5″). The set is made from a carefully selected lightweight yet strong and durable fabric. The zippers are a double, two-way design and are manufactured by YKK – a brand renowned for being robust and dependable; Top firm mesh will ensure durability while allowing for ventilation and visibility of the items inside. The result is a practical packing aid which you can rely on for all of your travel adventures – for many years to come.

I have been able to pack more efficiently keeping everything organized and packed together. Like socks all together, undergarments, shirts, and jeans. This has eliminated the choas of the abyss of the suitcase. While not traveling, I use these for when the kids go on sleepovers. It helps me not to forget anything for them and they are nice and organized for a fun night. The kids love them and many other parents have been asking where I got these from. I can’t help but brag about my new found glorious thing.
These are nice and lightweight and if something spills on them, it is very easy to just wipe them off. They are rich in color and very nice. The look of them could be for anyone, men, women, and kids. They are very versatile and I am sure there are many more other uses for these that I haven’t quite come up with just yet.
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