My Body Utopia

I am the type of person where I like to know what is in the product I am using. Some people look at me like I am crazy, but with recent articles out there and different research, it has made me this way. Many chemicals in our products are the root issue of many health concerns and for some health ailments according to medical research that has been published numerous amounts of times.

Finding natural products can be tough. I was recently offered an opportunity from a company called My Body Utopia. I had a chance to speak with Candice. She offered me two of her products to give a try to tell you all about. I am pretty excited to as well as I hav efound two that I really love. Feel free to check out her website to everyone. She has some cool stuff.

One of the products I got to try was the “Berry Wine” soap. Here is what they describe it as:
Indulge in the simple elegance of a bar hand crafted Glass of Berry Wine soap. The wonderful aroma of a soothing glass of wine awaits you. This soap offers the luxurious feel and peace of mind only all natural products can offer. Our faithful customers agree, the first bar will not be your last. Each soap has been handcrafted from a 5 pound mold into a 4 oz to 4.25 oz bar. At My Body Utopia we only use the finest ingredients. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding all natural products. Colors and scents can vary. We do our best to minimize variances. Ingredients: Lye, Water, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Colorants and Berrywine fragrance.

So, once I opened this, the fragrance is AMAZING! It did lather pretty good for me and overall, I liked it. I used it as a handsoap in my bathroom. This last weekend we had a BBQ and many of my guests compliments on this soap and its fragrance. I have been using this for quite sometimes and I am pleased with it. I haven’t experienced any skin irritation or dryness. I am pretty impressed with it and like it. There are many other fragrances they have availavle. This foes for $4.99 a bar and I think that is a good deal considering this isn’t made with the gunk we all try to stay away from.

The other product I got to try was the Natural deodorant. I tried the “Fruity Splash” one. Here is how they describe it: Fruity Splash Our all natural, hand crafted deodorants will keep you smelling fresh and dry all day. Your choice of scented or unscented. Our dedication to bringing you naturally pure, safe and effective products is evident in these simply magnificent deodorants. They are chocked full of ingredients you can pronounce. Our customers rave about this product. Try it for yourself and you will be hooked. You will be getting Approx: 2.5 oz. It is in a twist tube for easy application. Made with: Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder, Baking soda, Bentonite Clay, Cucumber and Kiwi fragrance. Since this does not have any harsh preservatives, in warmer weather you may want to place in your refrigerator to make it a little stiffer. If you have been using only store bought deodorant then please give your body a little time to adjust to this natural product. Your body will thank you! No aluminum, Phthalates, Parabens

This did a wonderful job keeping me dry and there was no odor, just a nice fruity splash fragrance. It applied really easy. No different than any other. The only gripe I have with this deodorant is that it turned some of my clothes green. It is from an element that is used in this to make the deodorant. I use a stain pre-treater called “Puracy” and it takes it right out. This is priced at $6.99 and it last a considerable amount of time.

Overall I am impressed from this companies products and I am pleased with how wonderful they are. Please feel free to visit their website and find out for yourself what they can offer you.

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