New! OxiClean Dish Washing Detergent

New! OxiClean Extreme Power Crystals. Finally the supercharged power of OxiClean, now for your dishwasher!
OxiClean, America’s #1 versatile stain fighter, offers a solution for those who have settles for poor dishwashing results, such as dirty dishes, cloudy film or spots on dishes, clumps left in the dish cup, and the frustration of having to pre-wash or re-wash by hand.
The removal of Phosphates in 2010 led to significant performance issues for the Dishwasher Detergent category. Over 69% of consumers have experienced cleaning problems, but have been unable to find a good solution. They have now accepted inconsistant performance as the norm.
Introducing OxyClean Extreme Power Crystals, a dishwasher detergent so powerful its 4x concentrated oxygen formula will tackle even the toughest messes. Finally a dishwasher detergent tough enough to eliminate baked-on stains, stuck-on foods, cloudy film and odors for a clean and sparkling clear dishes. Spend less time worrying about the dishes and more time enjoying what you love to do.
This new dishwasher detergent is available in two different formulas to meet your lifestyle and dishwashing needs. The first is packaged in a convenient easy to store bottle, with a controlled pour for a mess free clean. Available in Lemon Clean and Fresh Clean scents. This retails for:
20 loads $3.99 Mass/$4.99 Food
32 loads $5.99 Mass/$6.99 Food
50 Loads $8.99 Mass/$9.99 Food
The other option is packaged in a convenient, time-saving pak for a quick, mess-free clean. Simply place 1 pak in the dish cup for maximum cleaning pwer. This is available in Lemon Clean and Fresh Clean Scents. This retails for:
16 paks $3.99 Mass/$4.99 Food
26 paks $5.99 Mass/$6.99 Food.
I was offered to try the OxyClean Power Crystals dishwasher detergent. I thought it smelled good and it was very easy to pour with the pour spout from the container. I received the one for 20 loads to try out. As my dishwasher ran, I could smell the pleasant scent of the detergent. It was nice. After my dishwasher was finished running and drying my dishes, I opened it up to see the results. I was amazed. I use to have extreme water stains on my dishes. Usually it would drive me insane. This had eliminated the water spots. My dishes were so sparkly and crystal clean. I haven’t seen my dishes come out this lovely in years. I have sat all this time blaming it on the dishwasher’s performance when in fact, it was the dishwashing detergent.
I have used this many more times since my first initial use and I am still as happy with it as I was the first time I used it. The container does in fact do 20 loads easily. This is a great mess free way to do your dishes in the dishwasher with the great results as if you did them by hand. Baked on casserole dishes have went in looking a mess and come out crystal clean. I am definately making the switch from my old brand to this one. If you are experiencing not so clean dishes, give this a try. I think you may like it just as much as I do!
This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for a non-biased review. To find more about OxiClean please feel free to visit them on their website here. Feel free to like them on their social media channels as well. 
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