Orblue Pastry Cutter Stainless Steel – Professional Baking Dough Blender with Blades

I bake a lot with five kids and hosting holidays for the family in my home. I make anything from donuts to buscuits and everything else in between. For years, I have just used my hands and silicone spoons to try to get the consistancy I was looking for but it was just a huge mess and took a lot more time than needed. I came across this wonderful gadget and although I never heard of this, I wanted to try it. The handle sits comfortably in my hand and with the silicone handle, it doesn’t slip out from my hand. Hands get full of ingredients and a good grip is something I look for. With the four bars on the bottom here, it really works wonders, especially when working with dough. Ingredients don’t stick too much to this but I do grease it as well. So just a heads up if you experience issues with that. The blades aren’t too incredibly sharp. The box warns they are, but no issues with it for me. I didn’t see anything on instructions that this was dishwasher safe, so I haven’t put this into the dishwasher. As for washing it, I use mild soap and hand wash it. The blades are spaced nicely apart so its easy to wash off. This is nicely made with thick stainless steel. This is a well designed and durable must have if you like to bake. My 97 year old grandma even loves to use this when we make donuts.

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