Ozeri 3X Tower Fan Model No. 0ZF3

Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri products are found in vacation residences that span the globe, from majestic European estates, to luxurious spa resorts and private tropical resorts. They have also emerged in the consumer marketplace available through a efficient business model. Instead of burdening consumers with advertising or marketing costs, they rely on the relationships built by touch-points the countless guests with products at vacation residences from around the world. 

Ozeri is a company that offers a wide array of products such as wine. kitchen, bathroom, and health and fitness products. They have some really modern looking items that are on the cutting edge of technology. With their sleek designs, they have the best quality and a great reputation for durability. 

I recently reached out to Ozeri to review for them as a huge fan of their products. I was offered the opportunity to review one of their tower fans. I chose the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan Model No. OZF3. This product arrived within a few weeks. It was packaged accordingly to insure this product would reach me safely. It arrived in a the product box, but was secured inside the box with styro-foam. It was also wrapped to protect it from any scratches. Upon taking this out of the box, the fan looks to be the quality I would expect from Ozeri. 

Putting this fan together was a breeze. The tower simply sits into the base. On the bottom of the base, you simply screw a washer looking part up to insure they are attached securely. That was pretty much it when it came to having to put this together. 

Looking at this, it is very nice. The base is a shiny, glossy black accented with silver accents. The base leading up to the tower fan is silver as well. The base itself is very well made and seems really durable. I have spilled acidic items to see if it would eat at it and it didn’t. Not the silver or the black parts. There is a beautiful blue indigo light to indicate power of this fan. It isn’t too bright if you need the room to be dark. It has just the right amount of brightness offered. 

Each of the three fans in this tower fan are very powerful. For safety for little fingers, the holes to access the blade are smaller than what you would normally see on a fan, which is something I appreciate as a mother of five children. There is always that moment when they can potentially sneal past you and get daring. The screens are made of a nice durable black plastic and can’t be broken easily. I tried throwing a few things at it and tipping this over, it stayed fully in tact. The fan itself is a black shiny plastic material accented with light and dark grey to make it very modern and appealing. This will definitely compliment any decor in your home. 

Now to the fun stuff with this tower fan, the features! This fan comes with a remote control. It does take a battery like a watch battery, so I would recommend keeping the remote up high and out of reach from little fingers. It takes a little bit of work to get it out, but kids are amazing at figuring these things out. Not only is this with a remote control, but there is a touch pad on the front top of this tower fan as well to make your options. For speed, we have three different choices like you normally see with most fans. A low, medium and high setting. The output of this fan with the air is absolutely incredible. These little fans are powerful. This tower fan has various modes for the user to choose from. There is a normal mode of course where the fans are just on. My favorite mode is the nature mode. The fans starts out at high speed and then goes from medium to low speeds for five seconds a piece. If you don’t want it as strong, simply set it to medium, and it will cycle from medium to low every five seconds. If set to low, it will cycle from low to off every five seconds. This setting is very relaxing and to me, reminds me of sitting in front of the beach with the tides coming in. There is also another mode called the sleep mode. It goes into tiers as you fall asleep. It starts out on high or 30 minutes, then to medium for 30 minutes, and then stays at low as you are sleeping. The options with this fan are perfect. 

This tower fan does oscillate in a 90 degree arc. It oscillates at a nice speed. Not too fast or not too slow. This fan’s LED screen is equipped with an auto dimming feature that reduces brightness of the LED screen after two minutes of inactivity. This helps the usage of electricity as well as dimming for a restful night’s sleep. This also has a timer function that will turn off the fan. The timer can be set from 0.5-7.5  delays. The timer will count down and show on the display per every half hour.

Here is the really cool part about this fan though. As if controlling the speeds of three fans isn’t enough, you also have the ability to turn off any of the fans. So, if you just want to run the top one, you can, or the middle, or whatever your heart desires. I thought this was pretty neat a feature with this as I have never seen it with fans like this. 

Now, this fan is very sturdy on hard surfaces such as hard wood floors, tile, etc. When it comes to having this one carpet, it is still sturdy, but I was use caution with little ones around. It does stand pretty tall do little ones could easily run into this and with force this will indeed tip over. It would take a lot of effort to do it, but it is possible. Overall, my opinion of this product is that is is a very wonderful tower fan. I have seen many out there and this by far is the best one I have seen out in the market.  

This product sells on Amazon.com here available for $95.99 USD. There are also more reviews about this product there if you are interested in reading more about this wonderful tower fan. If you are interested in checking Ozeri out as a company and checking out what other products they have to offer, feel free to visit their website located here. Feel free to check them out on their social media as well located here: 
This product was provided for the purpose of inspection and for a non-biased review.

*Ozeri Image is from their website 
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