Pilgrim Collection Anton Aromatherapy Diffuser


It seems like everyone these days has some kind of aromatic item to offer fragrance to their home these days. We all have different preferences on what we like as well as what we use. These days, when you look at the ingredients of those sprays and such, you will see a long list of chemicals that are noted in studies to cause various health issues, so for me, I look for alternatives so that I am exposing my children to less of that. One alternative that I absolutely love are diffusers, but with so many out on the market, it can get tough to really find one that is going to work up to expectations.

I was offered the Pilgrim Collection Anton Aromatherapy Diffuser to take a look at and run it through the mill of tests. This looks a little different than most that I have tried, so I really liked it appearance wise.

Here is what the listing states about the product:

    • NEW Designed in Milano, Italy this aroma and essential oil diffuser gives you a stylish piece of furniture in your home
    • SOFT RUBBER painted and whisper QUIET for an easy handgrip and friendly daily use
    • 140 ML, AUTOSTOP and TIMER function: Up to 8 hours of aromatherapy and humidifier for you and your children
    • Color changing, fixed or turned off LED giving you a relax and peaceful aromatherapy experience
    • EXTRA LONG 72 Inch transformer cord ables you to install it almost everywhere in your home

This item arrived with easy to follow instructions that made setting this up very easy. The rubber painted base on this is not only handy when it comes to the scenario if bumped, it will not slip easily, but it also nice when it comes to you carrying it, it won’t slip easily. This does have vibrant colors that are offered which is great for a night light or to create a relaxing ambiance. You can use this item without using the lighting which is also a nice added feature. This can be ran for eight hours and it will power off automatically as well as will power off when this runs out of water. I loved that the device did this because for me, I tend to forget at times. There is also a setting on this which is different than any other diffuser I have used. There is a setting where it will work for 30 seconds, then it will not for 30 seconds and re-initiate. I have never seen that feature, but I thought it was pretty neat.

When using this item, it does offer a good amount of cool mist to the room offering moisture as well as fragrance. The strength of the fragrance is determined based on the amount of essential oil you use, which is also nice because some people are most sensitive to others, so there is that option there as well. This device operates quietly and I think it fit with my room decor’ without clashing.

This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review. Hyperlink to the Amazon listing is an affiliate link where for every sale, I am compensated 4 percent.

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