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PIOLdress.com is a revolutionary website by which a woman can design her perfect, go- to dress. Combining advanced make-to-measure technology with an intelligent system of design, PIOL offers customization at its highest level. It is a personalized lesson in fashion and styling. The PIOL DRESS system creates a dress based on a woman’s best color, design and fit. First the customer will select a color palette that highlights her natural coloring and a style of dress that complements her figure. Next she will enter her “design room” where she will find fine quality fabrics from Italy or Japan that match her colors. She will customize her dress from a selection of necklines, skirts and sleeves, submit her measurements and soon receive the ultimate, make-to-measure dress. PIOL’s unique approach is inspired by the principles of Edith Head, famed costume designer during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Realizing how color can enhance a woman’s natural beauty and how the cut of a dress can highlight her physical attributes, she created a system by which to make a perfect dress for all figures. PIOLdress.com adapts her philosophy with advanced make-to-measure technology to bring a perfect, go-to dress within every woman’s reach. Creating an exciting site where the customer actively participates in the making of her dress, PIOL delivers a highly intimate dressing experience. Through the selection process, she will learn to spot her colors and develop her personal tastes. By following a reliable system that guides her choices, she is guaranteed a dress whose sole purpose is to showcase her unique beauty. PIOL constructs each dress in NYC and ships within three to four weeks with the option to return for a full refund. Returned dresses will be donated to nonprofit organizations for women in need. PIOL is the go-to resource for a personalized education in style whose mission to deliver high-caliber dresses is tailored to each woman’s needs.

THE PIOL DRESS SYSTEM PIOLdress.com is a revolutionary website by which a woman can design a perfect, go-to dress – in color, style and fit – that completely suits her body and natural coloring. Using advanced make-to-measure technology, hundreds of beautiful fabrics, and an intelligent system of design, PIOL offers customization at its highest level. Inspired by Edith Head, famed costume designer during Hollywood’s Golden Age, the PIOL DRESS system is three-fold. First is color. Depending on the color of a woman’s hair, eyes and skin, there are certain colors that made her “pop”. PIOL offers beautiful fabrics from Italy, France and Japan in colors and prints that are designed specifically to highlight her individual coloring. Next is style. PIOL has five different silhouettes – each with its own selection of neckline, skirt and sleeve. She can easily find the perfect cut that will show off what she likes most about her figure and then camouflage the rest. Third is fit. Most women are not perfectly proportional from top to bottom nor do they fit into the standard sizing of a typical dress. Using her body measurements, PIOL will custom make a dress that is guaranteed to fit her better than anything she can find off PIOL’s unique understanding to color, style and fit creates a dress she can find nowhere else. Hand sewn in NYC, the dress will arrive in 3-4 weeks with the ability of a full refund for the price of the dress. (Cost of shipping and handling is not refundable.) She will be amazed by the difference of wearing a dress made just for her!

Be on the lookout for my review coming! I will tell you about the process of how I ordered my dress and what I truly thought of it! I look forward to telling you all about it!

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