PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat

When it comes to sleeping, we all want to be comfortable. Being comfortable is important because it pretty much will determine whether you will get a good night’s rest or not. Whether it is the softness of your mattress, the sheets, or even the temperature of the room…they all play an important factor.

My mom is currently going through her change of life, so with that comes hot flashes, especially when she sleeps. This has led to her not sleeping at night and looking for some kind of help. I offered this to her and at first she was bit skeptical, but after a few days, she couldn’t say enough wonderful things about this product. This mat is about the size of a sinble pillow as in terms of length and width. It is relatively thin. My mother has a satin pillowcase, so she used this on top of her pillow and both er inside of the pillow case. Prior to her inserting this into her pillow case, she did keep this in the fridge. In the directions, it says you can for an added cool. She said the first night, it did take some getting used to and this made her sleeping surface a little stiffer, however it did seem to keep her cool thorughout the evening and she was able to get some relief from those hot flashes. The next few days, she commented on how wonderful she felt and how great this item was. My mother literally has not slept a full night in quite some time, and now she can. This pillow is also good for migraines if you have them and the scarf that this comes with is an added bonus for both ailments. This can also be used for many other thinks like a stiff shoulder or swollen knee. The possibilities are endless with this item. I would highly recommend this product. My mom is a complainer and for her to rave about a product means a lot.

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