Precision Grooming Set – By Majestic Bombay

Finding a good quality tweezers can be tough. Especially if you don’t really know too much about what you need. I will admit, I didn’t know there was difference in any tweezer. I just bought the cheapest at the local drug store and away I went. I quickly learned through trial and error there was a difference. My mistake is your gain…lol.

Often when it comes to plucking your eyebrows, it is important to have a good tweezers that isn’t going to slip and that is angles right. It must be able to get a good grip to get the shape you want. With this set from Majestic Bombay, you will have something that will not only last you a long time, but will offer you the tools you need for the results you want.

This set comes with a nail scissors, a pointed, straight, and angled tweezers. It comes in a very nice case for easy storage and great for taking it from place to place. Having this variety is nice because it helps from getting any skin while getting that hair and prevents pinching. These are a wonderful color blue which is very unique. At first when I seen the color blue with this, I thought, oh great, is it going to peel and eventually get into my eye. No! It has stood the test of me using it and there is no chip at all. So, I think it is pretty safe to say it won’t.

All together, my impression of this product is that it is a well made, durable set. It has helped me get the shape and angles I have been trying for with the greatest of ease with little to no pain. Majestic Bombay is offering you all a special discount to try this product as well. A $5.00 USD discount. To use this discount, please feel free to order the product here. When ready to check-out, simply enter this code LP3GFATD and the discount will apply. Feel free to scroll down and read what other reviewers have to say about this wonderful set as well.

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