Rated Discover with Dr. Cool Ultimate Volcano Science Kit

I love doing projects with the kids. Especially the ones that provoke them to think. They would say they like the messy ones the best I am guessing. Either way, itis something we can do together as a family and just wind down and have fun together.

I was recenntly offers the opportunity to try a volcano kit. In this kit it offered a set up to make one along with the materials for the lava. Here is what comes in the kit:

  • Make a volcano erupt and collect 3 real volcanic specimens (pumice, obsidian arrowhead and a geode)
  • Ultimate kit includes: Volcano Mold, plaster, paints, brush, eruption powder and 3 real specimens
  • Perfect science fair project or gift for kids 6-12 that are interested in volcanoes, earth science or geology
  • Full-Color Info and Activity guides were written by teachers are filled with cool science facts about volcanoes and puzzles to solve
  • Winner of Gold Award from Family Review Center, Kids Product of the year from Creative Child Magazine and Seal of Approval from the Toy Directory

As the kids and I were waiting for the plaster to set, we decided to take a look at the other items in the kit. There was an activity book which offered different ideas and information. The kids all found them interesting. My kids are ages 14 to 4. So, that’s pretty good to entertain them in my opinion. The following day, the kids’ cousins came over and they were eager to show them as well as offer facts. What was more impressive is that they remembered the facts.

This product is sold on Amazon.com for $14.95 USD. For more information in regards to this product or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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