Ravenscroft Crystal Bishop Decanter 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Gift Set

Ravenscroft Crystal combines the qualities of old-world European craftsmanship with a modern understanding of how the shape of a wine glass can significantly enhance the tasting experience. Ravenscroft glassware designs are developed out of the deepest respect for great wine and are hand blown in nearly 30 different styles; each of which are the result of thousands of years of glass making trial-and-error. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the bouquet and taste of the wine or spirit for which it was made.

Ravenscroft is the world’s leading manufacturer of hand-made, pure, clean, lead-free crystal for fine wine and spirits. Their 129-year-old European factory has been producing lead-free crystal for the most exclusive brands of the world. Most likely, you have enjoyed the delicate pleasure of their products under another brand name.

The founder of Ravenscroft, Stephen Falango, has leveraged his background in Economics and Public Policy, with an unbridled passion for wine, to shape the Company as well as the glasses. As a young man during his Master’s studies, he became deeply committed to environmental protection, which resulted in his dedication to lead-free crystal. In the spring of 1999, Stephen proposed that their factory create a line of wine-specific stemware and decanters. Stephen’s passion and experience as a wine educator, sommelier, wine maker, avid wine collector and entrepreneur inspired his craftspeople to focus on maximizing the pleasure of wine while respecting the wellbeing of wine lovers worldwide.

The Ravenscroft Crystal Bishop Decanter 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Gift Set is one to definitely impress. With it’s unique design, this sleek European decanter is designed and handcrafted in Poland. This set includes one (1) 26-ounce decanter and four (4) 11.75-ounce double old fashioned tumbler glasses. It is very heavy and sturdy. The beautiful hand-ground glass stopper is just beautiful and compliments the set perfectly. It really draws attention to the piece, making it quite unique. It shines beautifully in the light and really offers that in home luxary feeling of enjoying your favorite drink.

This product comes packaged beautifully. The box looks very prestigious and has a black ribbon around it. Upon opening this item, each part of this is rolled in tissue paper to prevent chipping or damage. When shipped, it was packaged perfectly to insure a safe delivery. This set has been designed and made for a true collector or connoisseur and is sure to be the envy of guests and something to be cherished for many years to follow.

I highly recommend this as a gift or for yourself as a reward to yourself. It is truly lovely.

“There is no glass that is more “invisible” than ours. I am honored that so many people trust Ravenscroft Crystal to touch their lips while they share their most treasured wines. This privilege must be respected through the highest commitment to their health.” Stephen Falango

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