Saavy Naturals Plumeria Body Cream

Living in the Mid-West can be challenging. With the extreme cold temperatures in the winter season, I find that my skin gets terribly dry. Even in the summer, I love a good lotion to keep my skin looking great. I mean who doesn’t? No one out there likes to have rough and dry looking skin. In the market for beauty products, there are many different companies that boast that their product will take care of all of your skin issues, however, after spending a good amount of money, many turn out to be garbage. Sometimes the lotion is too thin, makes your skin more dry than when you originally started use of the product, or you find that there is an ingredient that causes irritation or one  with ingredients you would rather not use on your skin.

I was one of those people where I really didn’t look at the products I purchased. I went for scent and that was pretty much it. I then became a mother and learned about different things in products that were not so good. My daughter also had eczema. So I set off for some products that I could use that not only had a good smell, but were effective. I started using a product which I won’t name, but it was all natural, so I thought, and after looking further into this product after a skin issue with my daughter, I was back at the drawing board.

I came across a company called Saavy Pure & Natual on Tomoson. There was an application process of course, but I was one of the lucky few chosen. It was a great honor. Up until that point, I had never heard of this company. This company was started and is ran by a  husband and wife with culinary backrounds. The make their products in small batches from their kitchen factory. Using essential oils and plant extracts, they offer some of the highest quality products. They oversee every last detail down to the bottle of their products. It certainly shows this is something they truly believe in and want to see it as a great success. This company is so sure that the customers will love their product that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s pretty impressive, but after using their products, I can see why.

I was sent the Plumeria Body Cream. I was expecting just one bottle and not even a full size one. This company sent me two full sized bottles of the product and a gift. The gift was a bar of the Yuzu & Meyer Lemon handcrafted soap. It was more then generous and for a company to do that, it showed me they truly wanted to offer me a chance to really test their product and share it. I also received a letter to me. Not many companies do this, so I am really blown away with the customer service. They certainly hit it out of the ball park on the service department hands down.

The Plumeria Body Cream comes in a gorgeous plastic bottle. To disburse the product, there is a pump with the lotion. The pump locks which is something I like because if you keep it in your purse or suitcase, it isn’t going to go all over the place. Labeling on the package is very unique and really stands out. It’s clean and fresh and the artword is perfect. I think it really fits the brand. The lotion is very good quality. It’s nice and thick, but not too thick to where it will clog the pump. Just the perfect consistancy. Once applied to the skin, my skin feels incredible. The fragrance to this is light and smells so good. I have received so many compliments on the scent of this. This body cream soaks into the skin very quickly and seems to offer a wonderul job moisturizing my skin. The handcrafted soap lathered perfectly and the scent was just delicious. Can I say delicious. It just smelled like a sunny summer day in a bar of soap. .

Truth is, I could go on forever with this post because I have seriously found a company where I love their products. My daughter can use these products and not have any eczema issues and have a product that isn’t ugly and no scent. I am just impressed and their products don’t stop here….they have many more. To check out their other products, please feel free to visit their website which is located here.

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