Safe Ride 4 Kids

There is no greater joy in life than being a parent. Watching your children learn and grow is one of the most fulfilling things to be able to be part of. We all do whatever it takes to teach them good morals as well as keep them safe.

There are many dangers our children encounter daily without parents even acknowledging. One of the greatest dangers is them inside of a vehicle. You can be the best driver in the world, but it doesn’t matter to be honest. Other drivers are distracted, under the influence, and many other things that play a role when it comes to accidents. That’s why it is very important to make sure that your child is protected to the best of your capability. There are many things a parent can do, but it starts with their car seat. Many parents think they have it in correctly, but in reality they don’t. It is important to go to your local facility to make sure. It’s free and takes no more than a few minutes.

With holiday travel on the horizon, there is another factor that will be playing a role when it comes to driving, snow! So, wouldn’t you want to take an extra preaution to help protect your precious cargo? I know I did. After doing some research, I stumbled upon a website called Safe Ride 4 Kids. After clicking around on there, I found lots of useful information as well as videos and much more. They really have all of the bases covered here to make their website useful and full of knowledge to anyone who visits. After reading some of the testamonials, I found myself wanting to give their products a try.
When I contacted the company, I was met with exceptional customer service and they answered me within a matter of a few hours. They were nice enough to send me the RideSafer® Travel Vest. They were kind enough to send me the RideSafer® Travel Vest. I was sent a small one which according to the specifications, is for children 30-60 pounds. This was exactly the weight I needed it for my son.
Looking at the quality of the materials on this item, it is very obvious this company cares about the product they are putting out there for people. Looking at the stitching on this item, it is well done and no loose threads. Material on this offers a good amount of thickness for durability. I am pretty impressed with this item to be completely honest.
I set out to use this with my son. This was very simple to get set up for him inside of the car. When I introduced this to him, he thought this was a life jacket. He was close and had the right idea. After going on some errands and using this a little bit, I can say, this is certainly easy to use. My son said it was very comfortable and he liked it so much, he had to tell everyone about it.
Ever since my son got to the booster seat age, I have been uncomfortable feeling that there wasn’t enough protection. With this, I now have a piece of mind and feel more comfortable with my son in the car.
This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.
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