Sleepy Time Linens King Sized Sheet Set

We all hope for a good night’s rest with the hopes of getting it when we lay our head down at the end of the day. For many, that just isn’t something that comes easy. For many it can be a health issue, others it could be a lack of comfort. For health issues, that’s nothing I can help with. I’m not a doctor however for the comfort aspect, I can. Temperature and decoration help aid in relaxation while trying to achieve rest. One thing many people often don’t consider is their bedding. One key component in sleeping is good sheets. It’s the first thing you hit when you hop into bed and sets the atmosphere to determine your comfort.

There are a lot of brands not to mention varieties out on the market for consumers to choose from. It can get tough to decide which is right for you. Everyone is different and we all look for different textures and levels of softness. No two people are alike when it comes to likes and dislikes. What we all look for in products though is quality. We spend good money on products and there is no worse feeling then feeling proud about a purchase only for it to fail. 
While on the hunt for some good stuff, I stumbled upon a company called Sleepy Time Linens. This company specializes in microfiber sheets. Microfiber is made from synthetic fibers that feel and look like cotton sheets. They are lightweight (thinner than cotton), wrinkle free, very soft, and durable and far less expensive than pure cotton sheets. This company when approached for me to review their product was more than helpful and offered me some exceptional customer service. I ha dthe opportunity to talk to Lisa. She is a great member of their team and represents the company in the way most businesses would wish with great customer service and helpfulness.

A little about the set I received to check out. I chose the king sized set that is chocolate in color.

Product Description
Treat Yourself to the Ultimate in Feel, Softness, and Comfort Incredible 1800 Thread Count Sheet Sets Deep Pocket Sheets to Fit Extra Thick or Oversized Mattress 14-18″
Set includes: 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 4 Pillow Cases Egyptian Cotton Feel,
100% Performance Microfibers Made of high strength yarns that will stay soft and wrinkle free for years to come!

Care Instructions 
Easy to care for: Wash in cold/warm and tumble dry on low/warm. No ironing necessary. These sheets are designed to provide lasting vibrancy regardless of how often they are washed.

Okay so what did I think about these? Upon opening these, these were indeed soft. The color was as rich and deep as was pictured from the website advertising. I did wash this set prior to use and followed the care instructions as specified. I didn’t experience any issues with color fading and there was minimal shrinking from what I could see in comparison as to when I first looked and measured these. I have a king sized Sealy Hybrid Mattress. It is difficult to find sheets that fit it correctly without constantly falling off. This was going to be the true test for me. These were able to slip on my mattress without any issues with fitting. After using these for a few nights, I didn’t experience the usual thing where my sheets were falling off of the mattress. These sheets were very soft to sleep on and comfortable. Many sheets will help you to become overheated while you rest and these didn’t do that. They were exactly what you would expect from them. Soft, comfortable and durable. Okay, so now to look at sewing of these sheets. We all know that I am very picky about this. Upon inspection, I wasn’t able to find any loose threads. Even after washing these a few times, still, no loose threads, so that is great. I did come into an area where it looks like the sewing machine skipped over something and it was went over it. To be honest, it wasn’t noticable, but to me it was bc I was looking for it. Other than that, the lines were flawless and stitches were straight. I will say I am very impressed with these and I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for some comfortable and soft sheets that are true to their color.

For more information ordering some of these fantastic sheets, feel free to visit their website here. This set retails for the price of $35.95 which in my opinion is a bargain. These are also sold on Amazon, however when I looked for a store front, it wasn’t a typical store front.

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This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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