Summer fun with Tackedoo Scooters

When it comes to summertime, there are all sorts of fun things to do. One of my favorite to do with the kids is for them to play outside. Just watching them giggling and having fun brings a great joy. Of course, they need something fun to do as playing tag and swimming can only offer so much excitement. Thats where toys come in.

I had the pleasure to talk to a company to review two of their scooters. This company is called “Tackedoo”. This company is located on and offers two different sized scooters. One for adults and one for children. Feel free to check out their storefront here. When I asked them to review both, they obliged. When I ordered these two products, they arrived very quickly. I had both of them within two days. They were packaged accordingly to insure a safe delivery.

So what did I think about these items? I love them. Of course the true test was with the kids when it came to the opinions of these however and they loved them probably more than I could say. Let’s take a look at them more closely.

Adults & Teens Scooter with Dual Suspension

The look of this scooter is nice. It is black so it is gender nuetral which is always nice. There is also another color choice which is Grey Matte which is another gender nuetral color. Here is what the product description states avout the product:

  • Lightweight 11 lbs (5 kg), solid aluminium frame and deck.
  • Dual suspension – front and rear.
  • 8 inch (200mm) wheels make your ride more comfortable and ideal for larger glides. The large wheels are much better for a smoother and safer ride, plus they limit the risk of going over the bar
  • Easy to fold, carry and transport.
  • Adjustable height T-bar from 57 in to 77 in, For Heights: From 4’9

This scooter is indeed lightweight and very easy to carry. It offers a strap which is thick and durable as well to carry this item. I haven’t seen that on a scooter so that was something I really liked about this item.The dual suspension is nice. It offers a smoother ride in comparison to most adult scooters out on the market. My oldest son would tell you it helps with the tricks he likes to do. He seems to do them a lot easier with this scooter. The wheels offer a suitable amount of thickness and size to offer a smooth ride as well which is advertised. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a scooter, so you are going to feel some bumps along the ride, but it is definately better when it comes to riding this one. This scooter has a lock on it to lock it into place when you fold it down. The fact that it can be folded down is pretty neat but the lock makes it even better. The lock seems to be reinforced well and when the lock is engage, it does offer a tight hold with no wobbles. Even with waving it around (yes, I did this) to see if the lock would disengage, it didn’t. The handles for this scooter are covered with a nice foam handle. This offers a comfortable hold for the rider. As in terms of height for this, it does match up to what is listed in the product description. My 13 year old sone is about 5’2 and as you can see from this picture, the handle bars did meet up to where they needed to go. He is about 110 pounds and this scooter still glided as smooth as ever. The back brake to this scooter is very easy to reach for both teens and adults and does a fantastic job stopping when used. My older kids have been using this scooter for a little over two weeks and everything seems to be holding up quite micely with this item. This is a great quality scooter in my opinion.

Tackedoo Kids Scooter – For up to 5 years / Max weight: 44 pounds (20kg)

This scooter is perfect for little ones. Color variety for this item is both a light blue and dark pink so there is something for any gender. Here is what the product description states:

  • Safe riding thanks to its reinforced deck
  • Stronger steering springs for safer maneuverability
  • Lean and steer mechanism for smooth riding
  • High quality materials to make it durable with CE mark approval
  • Fun and vivid colors

So, starting out with this scooter the look of it is very nice. My four year old can manuever this very easily and seems to really love this one. The handles on this are covered with a textured silicone which is perfect for little hands to keep a tight grip. There is also a ball at the end of the handle bars which is great if in the case their little hands slip or they bump in the side of the handle bars as it won’t hurt like it normally would without that. The deck on this seems to be a good width for little feet. It offers them ample room in the case that they would loose their footing a little. It is also great as some kids need more room to feel like they are balance better. The brake on this is very easy to reach and large enough so that they won’t miss it. When engaged, it seems to do a fantastic job stopping. The wheels are very durable. We have had this being used daily for over two weeks and there is minimal wear on the wheels which is pretty good. My four year old is pretty hard on his toys. The suspension on this is actually really good. Better than I thought I would see in a child’s scooter and probably the best I have seen. This seems to offer a smoother ride for my son than his other one. He said his other one is “more bumpy” when he rides. The things that did take some getting use to for my 4 yuear old was the whole lean to steer. He wasn’t use to this feature as his other scooter just simply steered. It did take him a few days of trial and error, but he has mastered the technique and seems to have less of an issue with getting ouchies.

Overall, I am very impressed with this company and the quality of their products offered. They are both durable and perform well for their intended use. I would highly recommend this for some summer fun for your family.

These products were offered for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.

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