The Wisp Broom

I am a huge fanatic when it comes to cleaning. And it drive me mad. That’s why when I heard about The WISP Cleaning System I knew I couldn’t let that offer down.
The WISP sent me one of their cleaning systems and I was so excited for it to arrive I was following the tracking like a hawk.
See, I have 5 kids, multiple cats and not enough time on my hands. It seems that no matter what I do to keep the floors clean it always gets messy again. I also have bad headaches and it makes it really hard to keep up with the housework. So when you add all that together, it makes cleaning something I dread doing but can’t go without.

I needed to find something that could help make this process easier, and fast! That’s why The WISP is now my must-have gadget when it comes to keeping the house clean. And the kids know it too. If they borrow my WISP to clean up a mess in their room, it better be back in the closet in it’s designated spot as soon as they are done. If not, mama isn’t going to be too happy.

The WISP is something I use daily, multiple times a day to be exact and it’s something I can’t go without.
When I need to clean the floors it makes it tough using that old straw broom. Not only does it not pick up all of the crumbs and dust, it also leaves a line that I can’t ever seem to get! That tiny pieces that you need to get a wet sponge to grab. It makes me crazy! But with The WISP the floor feels cleaner than I’ve ever felt it and with just one try over the floors. No need for that wet sponge or worrying about the missing in between, the WISP gets it all.
When I first got The WISP system I rushed to the door to meet my mailman. The box wasn’t too big and the WISP was very easy to put together and figure out. My teenage daughter actually helped put it together while I was pulling some cookies out of the oven. It’s honestly that simple!
The 3-piece WISP system is available in blue or gray and includes a WISPpan, WISPaway and the WISP, of course. And for a limited time, you can get a miniWISP for free when you place your order.
Not only is the whole system probably one of the smartest innovations I’ve witnessed it also is available for only $29.95 with free shipping. This product will be sure to put a smile on someones face this Christmas and why not be the one to do that.
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This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review. 
Video is courtesy of YouTube and WISP Industries 
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