Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser And Mini Humidifier With Color Changing LED Lights And 4 Timer Settings By Inesscense

We all love going to the spa and getting pampered and relaxed. The problem with going is the insane prices. There are ways to try to achieve spa experiences at home. One of them is using a diffuser. Diffusers offer many benefits such as adding humidity and aroma benefits when essential oils are used.

Inesscence is a company that makes a really awesome diffuser. I have had the opportunity to try a few different ones in my review time, and this one is one of the coolest ones! Why? Well they all pretty much perform the same and offer the same outcome but one thing that stands this apart from the others is the colors with the lighting of this. When the light feature is on, it switches on its own from color to color. It offers rich and vibrant colors which add to the relaxation of using this. This runs quietly like the others I have tried as well as have all the same features besides the light changing on its own.

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