Valhalla Luggage Scale

With the holidays fast approaching, many people travel. Travel to family or business. Either way, while traveling, we have to take our luggage with us. Having your luggage being too heavy can incrue extra unexpected costs that could dampen your travel budget. How would you know though how much your luggage actually weights prior to getting to the airport?

Valhalla has the answer for you. They have this wonderful luggage scale. This has been rated the #1 travel accessory. This luggage scale comes with an LED light as well. This feature is very useful and doesn’t limit this luggage scale to just weighing. This scale measures in a variety consisting of pounds, ounces, kilograms, and grams. So, no matter what kind of measurement you are looking for, this product will do the trick for you. The display for the weight does light up in a nice indigo blue. So, if you happen to have poor lighting while weighing, you will be sure to see what the measured weight is. This will weight up to 102 pounds so it should be the only luggage scale you would need.

When I tested this product for weight accuracy, it was right on the money. I didn’t have to calibrate this item or anything. It came complete with the two AAA batteries. Installation of them was quite easy. I just slipped off the cover and inserted them. There are buttons on this to control the light as well as to change metric measurements. The clip as well as the strap were already attached. to the scale to weigh. This item is very lightweight and easy to use. There is an automatic shut off feature with this scale as well. So, if you worry if you shut it off and don’t want to drain your batteries, this is a great added feature.

This item is very durable with every part. I pulled, I banged, and just about everything else to test this to see how easy it would break. I was unsuccessful at trying to break anything on this scale. The LED flashing has 12 bulbs in it making it nice and bright as well as reliable. The company stands behind their product with offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you would run into any issue or what have not, they will take care of it. So there really is nothing to lose with the purchase of this product, only to gain.

This item retails on for $13.75 USD.  if you would like more information about this product or would like to read other reviews, please feel free to visit the product page located Here

This would make an excellent gift for anyone who travels.

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