White Solar 10″ Teardrop Lantern, Set of 2 by Lights.com

Decorating the yard is always fun in the summer time. Whether you are planting flowers to add curb appeal or creating a relaxing oasis for yourself, there are many different options to go with. My favorite, solar lights. Solar lights create a special ambiance and feel while out relaxing while saving electricity. There are many out on the market to reflect decorating wants and needs.

I’ve always loved the look of lanterns, but I never knew there were solar ones out there. I recently reached out to a company to offer reviewing for them. They offered these wonderful vinyl teardrop lanterns. I never seen such a thing, but I was up for checking them out. This company is Lights.com. This company not only sells items from their website, but sells on Amazon as well. They offer a variety of solar options perfect to fit anyones style needs.

The representative I had the pleasure of working with met me with a warm greeting and was more than happy to help me. My item arrived in three days to my home. It was packaged very nicely and really left me impressed. So impressed, I haven’t stopped telling people about their product.

These lanterns come in a set of two. Now, when you received them, there is minimal installation for these. They are coolapsable, so if you decide you want to put them away at some point, it is very easy. The box these arrive in can certainly be kept on hand to store them back in if necessary. These lanters are equipped with a metal hanging handle which is strong. The solar panels were protected with a plastic film that needed to be removed prior to using. They do this to protect the panel from any issues during the shipping process. I had set my lanterns up and waited anxiously for the night time so I could see how well these would work. As the night time approached I was astounded with the amount of light these provided. I will admit, when I got these, I thought two wouldn’t offer much light. I was wrong.. completely wrong. They give off enough light for where I needed them. The charge actually lasted a little longer for me then what they advertise. I got about 7 to 7 1/2 hours of light before they needed to be re-charged. With solar lights, the get dim as the battery draws low and these were no different in that aspect.

Overall, the quality of these lanterns is exceptional and I would highly recommend these to anyone who wanted to hear about them. These are sold on the company website Lights.com and on Amazon.com here. There are also other reviews listed on both sites from other customers.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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