WoWools– Great Balls Of Dryer

Are you looking to cut drying time when you are drying your clothes? Something to help make them more fluffy and soft? Did you know that fabric sheets can turn your whites looking yellow?

I was recently offered the opportunity to try WoWool. They are wool dryer balls. You simply through them into the dryer with your clothes. They help cut drying time, make clothes more softer and help protect clothing from those pesky dryer sheets by not having to use them. These also help with static cling.

Depending on how large your load of laundry is, is going to determine how many you use. For smaller loads, you use three, larger ones you use six, and for the biggest ones you use nine. They don’t make lot os noise in the dryer and really seem to work.

I like to use some essential oils on these to add a scent in the dryer. I like to use lavender but whatever one you like is perfectly fine. I use a few drops on them and let it soak into the balls for a few hours and the smell is just heavenly.

So, if you are looking to switch up your laundry routine and cut off some of that drying time, give these a try. Each dryer ball can be used up to 1000 loads.

This product can be found here on Amazon if you are interested in learning more information:

*This item was received free for the purpose of testing for honest and unbiased review.*
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