Zoku Holiday Pops Party

I was recently offered an opportunity to host a party from Tryazon. Tryazon is a site that is fairly new to the scene, but offers different hosted parties for it’s users to apply to. If accepted, they will get a party pack and be able to host a pretty awesome party.

I applied to host the Zoku Holiday Pops Party and was approved. This was my first time ever getting to host something like this. As a parent of five children, I had many friends in mind to come and attend. Unfortunately, my kitchen isn’t quite too big, so I had to limit my guests. The kit itself was valued to be worth over $175 USD and contained the following items:

I decided to do something a little different for this one. I let my kids invite one of their friends and their parent to make some holiday pops and have some fun. 

The method of how the ice pops were made and the shake and slushies was pretty interesting for the other parents and myself. Prior to the party, I had to take these out and freeze them. I froze them the day before to make sure they were ready to go. There is no electricity needed when it comes to using the ice pop maker which really was surprising. The ice pop maker makes three ice pops with in a matter of five minutes. Of course, after making about nine of these, I would put the ice pop maker into the freezer again. To get cold while the kids decorated their ice pops. 

Decorating these is so much fun and Zoku makes it easier than ever. With the wonderful guide of recipes and ideas, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own ice pops. Whether you want to be fancy and make a santa, something healthy, or use your imagination, Zoku holiday pops can accomadate both adults and children. 

Making these with a bunch of kids didn’t cause any mess because with the products, it made it very neat and painless. The kids absolutely loved the different variety of choices they had. It really sparked their imagination and offered some wonderful bonding time with parents with their children.

After the kids had fun making their own ice pops, they got to sit down and enjoy them as well as take some home. Some of the parents were interested in learning more about this product line. I showed them the product guide I had received as well as offered them the wonderful coupons I had received for them. 

This is a hands on thing to do with your kids or friends, so taking pics was pretty touch during making these as I was dealing with five little ones going to town.

I will be hosting another one and have loaned this out to a friend of mine so she could make ice pops with her classroom for a holiday party. This product has gotten a lot of use and will continue to for a long time. Make sure to give your items plenty of time to freeze. Also, if you make more ice pops than will fit in the case, I just used ziplock baggies. Thank you Tryazon and Zoku. 

For more information, please feel free to visit their company website located here.

Also, please feel free to visit them on their social media channels located here:
You can also look on Pinterest for some wonderful decorating ideas as well. To keep in the know of what is going on with this wonderful company or for new recipes, check out their blog

Thank-you Tryazon and Zoku for extending this wonderful opportunity to me and my friends.

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