100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm-4 Flavor Multi Pack-Double Mint, Pink Lemonade, Honey, Frosted Pear

Living in the mid-west during the winter months can be brutal. The frigid temps and gusty winds really can doa  number on a person, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. One of the things I have found that is mostly effected is my lips. They get so dry and chapped and it seems like no matter what I try.

I like to use products that I know are safe. Knowing what kinds of things are in the products I use makes me not only feel better about my product decision, but also gives me a comfort when my children use them as well. I was a a huge fan of using Burt’s Bees products because they offered this to me, but although their lip balm is fantastic, it wasn’t working for me and I needed to find something that worked.

Through some research online, I stumbled upon a product from a company called Avia Essentials. This is a small company from what I can see, but I was excited on what I read about this company. This compnay DOES NOT test on animals, is paraben free, no petroleum, and 100 % natural. This company lists the ingredient information on the package which is something I found nice as well as the company address and website. Ingredients in these include beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, lanolin, and vitamin E. This lip balm is clear and comes in a package of four flavors which include Frosted Pear, Honey, Double Mint and Pink Lemonade. Each smells like the description and even tastes like it when you lick your lips.

Once applied, this offers a nice smoothness on my lips. It soothes my chapped lips and makes them feel nice and smooth as well as nicely conditioned. This product does as it promises beautifully. My favorite out of all the flavors is the Pink Lemonade. This would be perfect for kids, teens, and even adults. This product is even made in the U.S.A. which is wonderful.

Each package is sold with four tubes of lip balm whic are the flavors I listed. This product is sold on Amazon.com for $10.97 USD. For more information and to read what other product reviewers think of this product, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Product images are courtesy of the product listing on Amazon.com.

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