AKDY® 23″ Tempered Glass 1500W Adjustable Freestanding Portable Logs Style Electric Fireplace Heater Stove

 When it comes to the winter, we all love to sit on the couch, enjoy a warm cup of cocoa, and watch the fire in the fireplace. Sometimes, that isn’t so easy for some of us as we do not have a fireplace in our homes.

Luckily, there are fake fireplaces to help people with this issue who would like to enjoy the benefits of having one. Akdy has a wide variety to choose from to cater to your tastes. I was recently sent  Click to open expanded view AKDY® 23″ Tempered Glass 1500W Adjustable Freestanding Portable Logs Style Electric Fireplace Heater Stove to check out. This fireplace is absolutely amazing. Offering an antique look, and optimal heat output, this is sure to get you to feel warm and cozy.

Here is what the listing states about this item:

    • BTU: 5200
    • Dimension: 26.1 in H x 23.22 in W x 14.09 in D
    • Heating Area(Sq. Ft.): 400
    • Freestanding Portable Type
    • 1 year Parts Warranty against manufacture defects

Although this fireplace doesn’t come with a remote control like many out there on the market, the benefits of this are phenomenal. I live in an older farm house on a lake in the mid-west, so it gets very cold. My home itself, becomes drafty in certain rooms and in order to keep the family room warm, the rest of the house gets insanely hot. It just wasn’t cost effective to keep going on like that not to mention it was uncomfortable. I set out on a search and stumbled upon this one. This fireplace offers a look that compliments the decor’ in my home and really looks great. The heat output of this item is almost too much for the room I have it in. It makes the room nice and toasty on the lowest setting, so I am sure, this could go into a larger room and keep it cozy and warm as well. There is a door that opens on the top to access the controls which keeps them hidden which is something that I love. The doors of the front of the fireplace as well open to clean if the fireplace were to get dust inside. The look of this when on really offers a realistic look and is overall gorgeous.

This item is sold on Amazon.com for $149.00 USD with Prime. After looking around, I have found this is a great price, especially for an item that is as powerful as this. For more information on this product, please feel free to visit here.

This item was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.

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