Amazon Product Title: Big Ice Cube Tray Silicone BPA Free, Set of 2 plus 8in Kitchen Tong

Do you entertain a lot? Are you from a hot climate, or just love a good ice cube to keep your beverage warm? I know I do! I entertain a lot, especially when there is a holiday. I entertain anywhere from 15-30 people and their kids. I am not sure exactly how you feel, but I am against store purchased ice. You don’t know how often the ice machines are cleaned, who has stuck their hands in there, etc. So, I make my own ice at home. The problem with that is, those plastic ice cube trays are garbage. I crack many of them and find myself purchasing extras for when they do break. Standard ones that you can find are pretty much the same size and offer little variety.

Silicone is the latest in kitchen technology and it comes as no surprise that it is sweeping the
The company offers a warranty on both the trays as well as the tongs which shows how much they truly believe in their product. They offer free recipes by email as well as a free extended warranty with product registration as well. So, you have the piece of mind knowing that your product purchased will be well taken care of. The company offers amazing customer service and is speedy when it came to the delivery of these. I was impressed.

The ice cubes these trays make are amazing. They are a good size and melt slowly to make your drink less watered down and cooler for longer. Removing them was a breeze because when I tipped the trays over, the pretty much walked out on their own 🙂 The tongs have wonderful rubber grips to not only prevent slipping in the hands, but to grip the cube while serving. I liked the lock mechanism on these It keeps them closed for easy storage and placement. These are super easy to clean up because they are silicone of course. Don’t limit yourself when it comes these and just make ice cubes, you can make so much more like home made baby food, peanut butter cups, fudge cubes, the possibilities are endless. industry. I recently was offered an amazing opportunity to try some silicone ice cube trays. These beautiful, easy to clean silicone ice cube trays are BPA free which is what we all look for in our products today.These are microwave, dishwasher, oven, and of course freezer safe. These are heavy duty, made with high quality 100 percent FDA approved food grade silicone. These come in a set along with a pair of durable tongs for easy serving. Each tray makes eight ice cubes. Trays measure length 9.0 inches, width 4.5 inches, and height 2 inches. The kitchen tongs are 8 inches long and are equipped with an o-ring lock mechanism which will hold them shut. These trays have rubber grips and are very sturdy.

So if you are tired of buying ice cube trays all the time and want to have some pretty cool ice cubes, I highly recommend these. The company that makes these ones is called Silicone Designs. They have many more awesome products available. Please feel free to visit their website to scope out their other products located here. For more information on ordering or to read other reviews on this item, please feel free to visit the product page on here.

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