Argan Moisturizing Styling Cream and Hair Oil

I recently had the opportunity to try a wonderful product. That product is manufactured by a company by the name of Beauty Naturals. It is Argan Moisturizing Styling Cream and Hair Oil. This product is alcohol free, sulfate free and not tested on animals.

The oil comes with a pump as well as the cream. The cream pump lucks so there is no accidental pumps that aren’t wanted. The cream is nice and thick and a small amount goes a long way. I have very long hair and use three pumps and it seems to be enough. 
To apply, I usually put it on my hair while it is wet. I take my three pumps, and start from the bottom and work my way to the top of my head. Once I a finished doing that, I will brush my hair to evenly distribute it throughout my hair. This products works as a frizz tamer, heat protectant, as well as a shine enhancer. 
Since using this, my hair is less frizzy, more shiny, and looks so much healthier. I use the oil in those problem areas where I had dandruff. I took some oil on a cotton ball and applied it to my scalp at night. I let it sit on there throughout the night and it has seemed to help a great deal. My daughter is an eczema sufferer with her scalp and this has worked wonders for her. 
This product has a light scent to it and it smells bery good in my opinion. If you are interested in learning more about this product, please feel free to visit the link on Amazon I haave provided. I have also provided the link of my video review of this. 
This product was given to me in return for an unbias and honest review. 
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