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Having wonderful jewelry pieces is a must have for us ladies. The more unique, the better. Finding quality affordable jewelry can get tough as many of you may know. I myself scour thrift shops, pawn shops, and various stores online to find my items. There is nothing more embarassing than purchasing something that is sold in a mass quantity from Wal-Mart and wearing it out, only to see a few others wearing the same item.

As many of you know, I love I scour the website for the latest and greatest items to share with you all. I have found an awesome company you all need to hear about. The name of the company is ZC Express. This company offers awesome customer service and offered me three different products to review. I am still waiting on one of the items to arrive, so I will be updating this review of course with that item, but I had to tell you all about the two I do have.


Shipping for this item was very fast. I had my items within 5 days. I was quite impressed with the speed. When my items arrived, not only were they presented in a nice pink durable gift box, but they were also wrapped with bubble wrap to insure they would arrive safely. The gift boxes were also taped closed as a precaution as well so the product wouldn’t fall out if for some reason there was an opportunity to. Presentation and shipping aspect of this company is fantastic.

This company has really hit it out of the ball park when we talk quality about the products I have received from them. For one, these are made out of steel. Yes, steel. Each piece I have has some nice crystals  the are reinforced to withstand the elements of just about anything to be honest. In the barrette item that was received, they even offered extra crystals if for some reason they were needed. The crystals seem to be of good quality. Each one captures the light at all the right angles offering plenty of shimmer and sparkle.

The fit of the Great Gatsby item seems to be a decent size. Like I said, these are solid steel so they aren’t munipulated too easily. You can kind of stretch it a little bit. My daughter has a larger head than normal and could still get it on, it was just a little tight but eventually was fine. The barette holds a considerable amount of hair for the size of it. I was concerned the barette would be top heavy but it isn’t. It sits nicely in the hair offering a strong and nice hold as we have come to expect from items in this category.

Here are the reviews I posted on the Amazon website. These are also the hyperlinks, so feel free to click them to see pricing information as well as further reviews.

Babeyond® Bling Silver-Tone The Great Gatsby Inspired Leaf Simulated Pearl Headband Hair Tiara (Misc.)
Go back to the gatsby times and show off some style with this gorgeous headpiece. I will be the first to admit, I didn’t think this was going to be as nice and solid of a product as it is. This is presented upon arrival in a beautiful pink giftbox. It has a gold ribbon attached to it, but also comes with a black on. So the ribbon is interchangable. You could also probably purchase other colors if you would like to and add them. The headpiece seems to run smaller but does open up a little bit for room. It fit my head just fine, but my older daughter has a bigger head and she found it a little tight. The bling on this headpiece is beautiful. Each one catches the light just perfectly to sparkle and shimmer. The design of this is deatiled and dainty. I think the beading as well is placed just right. The hanging part really adds some modern style to this. I really can’t say enough about this and the pictures honestly don’t do this product justice. Just know that if you purchase this and wear it, you will be receiving many compliments.

Babeyond Bridal Comb Wedding Hairpiece Crystal Hair Clip (Sliver) (Misc.)
This is truly a unique and beautiful hair piece. Made of solid metal, this is very sturdy. The crystals are placed in the most beautiful pattern that it makes it sure to catch anyones eye. Crystals do catch light very well offering shimmer and shine. There are extra crystals offered in this in case you would need any. The crystals seem to be enforced into the design very nicely. The comb part is is also metal. When placed in the hair, it does hold nicely and isn’t too heavy to sit in there well. The design and craftmanship of this is extraordinary.

These products were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Photos are courtest of the Amazon product listings and myself. 

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