Beverly Hills Polo Club Womens Workout Wear

Working out is important to maintain overall good health. The benefits of a good fitness routine is not only maintaining health, but it also helps elevate your mood according to studies. Having the proper clothing is important while exercising. It helps you not only be able to move mre freely, but it also offers many other benefits like more support as well as absorbtion of moisture.

I was recently offered to try an outfit from a campnay called Beverly Hills Polo Club. This company offers a variety of clothing items perfect for the active woman. The offer many different colors on their items and have style in mind as well as other clothing items. I was sent three items to review, a sports bra, yoga capri pants, and a workout jacket. Here is what I thought about them.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Womens Support Tech Workout Racerback Sports Bra (BH203) (Apparel)
I am a bigger busted woman with a smaller frame. When running, I need extra support and I try to find that in my sports bras. This unfortunately didn’t meet my standards. The material is nice and lightweight and allows air flow. It absorbs moisture nicely and dries very quickly. The straps are nicely designed for looks but unfortunately, not support in my opinion. My “ladies” were not supported well enough and as I was running, they were just about everywhere. When looking at the stitching of this item, it seemed pretty good, until I washed it. I did follow the care instructions as specified, however there were loose threads mostly along the bottom seam. This didn’t shrink and otherwise the material held up nicely. I deducted the two stars for lack of support and threading coming undone. I really do like the design of this and hope they will address this issue because it is comfortable otherwise. Maybe i just got one of the rejects or something :/

Beverly Hills Polo Club Womens Sports & Running Track Jacket Sports Jacket (224) (Apparel)
I absolutely love this jacket. Now, I am going to tell a little secret here…I love to wear my workout clothes for house clothes and to run errands. I know, but they are just so comfy. This jacket is nice and lightweight. The material allows the skin to breath and absorbs moisture nicely. With it absorbing moisture you would think it would stay wet, but it dries rather quickly. The zipper is plastic with a metal pull. Zipper moves very nicely and doesn’t seem to catch on any material. Pockets are just the right size to store keys in or a workout band. The blue accents of this jacket really make it stylish. Stitching is nicely done on this item and I wasn’t able to see any loose threads. When washed, I followed the care instructions and didn’t experience color fading or this item shrinking. Very great product.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Womens Active Workout Capri Yoga Pants (BH234) (Apparel)
I love these yoga pants. The material is nice and ligtweight making them so comfortable to wear. The material is wonderful and allows skin to breath. It absorbs moisture and dries very quickly. The blue colored accents really makes these adorable and stylish. I love how the flap that folds down as well is nicely colored to add some style to them. When looking at the stitching of these, it is done very well. When washed, I did follow the care instructions. I didn’t experience any shrinking with this item. Stitching stayed well in tact and colors didn’t fade at all. This is definately one of my favorite pairs of workout pants to wear while running on the treadmill.

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