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When it comes to coffee, there are so many different varieties, that it can be tough to decide which one is going to suit your tastes. One thing is for sure, trying to get a good quality coffee can be tough at your local grocery store. Especially if you live far out like myself.

I stumbled upon a website called Click, Roast, Deliver. This website is very easy to navigate through. Simply sign up by making an account. The website was very easy to order from in my opinion. They have different companies as well as tabs to click into for various options. This website offers customer reviews to let you know what they thought which was helpful for me to base my decision. The desciption of each coffee was very well explained offering notes as well as other information like preperation techniques. Once you have added the items into your cart, checking out is quite easy as the site navigates you through the process. It was easier than I thought this website would be.

When I went to order my coffee, I noticed this site had whole bean coffee. It wasn’t a huge problem, but when you order, make sure you look at that and have a grinder handy for this. Here are the flavors I chose and what I thought about them.

Caffe Del Sol Espresso Caffe Vita’s signature espresso blend is rich and complex with aromas of dark chocolate, butterscotch, and praline. A deep, silky, amber crema with a sweet caramel finish. Formulated for extraction as espresso but also delightful as drip or french press. Featuring exceptional Farm Direct coffees from around the globe, Caffe Del Sol is a versatile, dynamic, and consistent blend.

I really liked the flavor of this blend. It not only was very aromatic, but it offfered the perfect balance for a robust flavor perfect for my sippin enjoyment. I could taste the butterscotch note more than the others. I found this very delicious. The dark chocolate note was there, but I could taste it more i the aftertaste. For the praline flavor, I didn’t taste it much, but it could be just me. I served this at a gathering and it seemed to be quite a hit with my guests.

French Roast Organic  A blend of high-altitude, shade-grown coffees, with aromas of bittersweet chocolate, cherry, and vanilla. Sturdy body, soft acidity and a well-rounded finish. Featuring Farm Direct coffees from Indonesia and Latin America. Organic.

For me the flavor was lacking something, I am not sure what. This coffee didn’t have any bitterness like I thought it would. The black cherry is the most prevolant in the flavor. The vanilla I could taste more in the after taste. It is a nice blend and when I served this to guests, they agreed it was different, but some even thought it was delicious.

This company offers something for everyone with convenience in mind for the customers. I was impressed with the easy of use and delivery time only took a few days. If you are looking for high quality coffee with added convenience, I would highly recommend this company. For more information on this website, to read further reviews or to order, please feel free to visit here.

These items were offered to me for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Product images are courtest of the company website.

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