Color Fun Fish Bowl

When you have little ones, you want to make sure you are not only getting them a fun toy, but one that is teaching them something as well. As a parent of five children, I have seen my fair share of toys. Some better than others of course. Through the course of time, I have found which ones I am fond of as a parent. 

One of the toys I absolutely love for my child is something called the “Color Fun Fish Bowl”. This is a small little fishbowl that offers educational learning as well as fun. There are two different modes with this toy, The modes include a find it where it will ask them to find a specific color and then the other mode will tell them what color they are putting in. While doing this, the toy priases as well as says please which is something that I liked. I am one of those parents where manners and praise are huge. There are fun sound effects that keep your child’s attention. The voice of this is neither a girl or a boy and not scary at all like I have seen with some toys. This is small enough to take around if needed. Each fish is just the right size for the little ones to pick-up easily with no issues. There is a power button on this item as well to conserve on battery life. This toy is lightweight and so much fun. 
This product is sold on which can be found here. Feel free to read what other reviewers have said about this item. I think this would make a wonderful gift idea for the little ones. 
This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review. 
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