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When you have kids, it is almost a sure thing they will end up sick at some point of time or another. As parents, we are always trying to do out best to comfort their aches and pains and make them better quickly. One of the main things parents have to deal with is a fever or ear aches with almost every child.

Most of us would get a cool wash cloth which is hard to keep on them and then something like a heating pad for the earaches, but it is impossible to get them to lay on it because it hurts when they have to lay down. Many of us parents have scoured stores looking for something to help these issues, we were just unsure exactly of what we were looking for.

I was recently offered the opportunity to try the Cool Gen N Cap. It’s a first aid cap designed for these specific issues I have outlined. This cap comes complete with two gel packs that can be warmed up or chilled. They are very durable, so you really don’t have to worry about them getting a hole and causing a mess. The cap I received is “Toby” a puppy. It is very cute. The cap is nice and soft and as cute as ever. There is a velcro clasp that goes around the bottom of the hat that insure it will stay in place for you. To insert the gel packs, there are openings inside of that hat. You can position the gel packs to the desired area and they will stay in place. Believe me, with Jax, if they would’ve moved, they would have…lol.

This product retails for $12.99 USD on Amazon. For more information, please feel free to visit here to view my video review and see what other reviewers have said about this amazing product. The company website is located here as well so you can take a look and find more of what they have to offer. I really love this product and I am happy to have been able to come across this.

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