Cute and Cuddly Pet Supplies – #1 Enzyme Cleaner – Stain Remover – Odor Neutralizer

This is truly a wonderful product. Usually when Mr. Tigglesworth doesn’t like the weather, he can get a little persnickety and have an accident here and there on the floor. I clean them up immediately, but sometimes the smell just lingers. I have tried to use vinegar but it hasn’t seemed to worj the way I hoped. Sometimes, it may appear that I got the stain up, but once it has dried, it has a shadow there and with the scent still there, Mr. Tigglesworth has returned to be a repeat offender. The trigger on this spray nozzle does a nice job distributing the product to the designated area. It is easy to spray like with most other spray products. The scent to this product is pleasant. Once sprayed on to the area, I let it sit for about a minute and then blotted the area. Once the area was dried, I didn’t see the shadow look and the scent of the accident was eliminated. The true test for me was to see if he would return to it. He didn’t. I absolutely love this product and recommend this to any pet owner. As with any product, do a test area to make sure it is safe for your carpet. It was safe for mine, but wanted to throw that out there.

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