DownIT Skull Shot Glass Thick Base, 1.5 Ounce, Double Wall, Clear Glass



With the holiday season comes holiday parties. It’s a great way to let loose, enjoy the company of loved ones, and just have some fun. Whether you are hosting the party, or attending, it is always to have something cool to drink out of.

DownIT is a company that offers one unique and cool shot glass for occasions such as this. Now this seems to be a new company out on the scene but they have really set the bar high with expectations after offering this to consumers. 
The shot glass is lightweight which is great to grab easily. Looking at the detail on the skull, it is very well done. The skull is centered inside of the glass and etched perfectly to offer some dimension when looking at it. This does wash easily in mild doap and water and can go inside of the dishwasher. To really add an awesome effect for this, you could light the liquor on fire and blow it out fast. It looks like a flaming skull. Now of course there is a safety concern when it comes to drinking as well as lighting the liquor, so use caution and safety. 
The company offers a description that states :
  • Intricate skull design: Each shot glass is carefully hand blown and designed to perfection, made with only the finest quality glass material. If you love skulls, you’ll absolutely love this!
  • Elegant design: Slanted double wall glass design that gives an incredible aesthetic appeal and extreme comfort when handling – Perfect addition to your shotglass display collection!
  • Thick, solid base: Very durable and able to withstand shots after shots of slamming on a hard surface – Great to be used in parties.
  • Standard shot glass volume: Holds 1.5oz when filled right above the eyes, and 2.0oz when filled to the brim – choose either a deadly shot or a stunning flaming lambo like you’ve never seen before!
  • Individually packaged: Get your skull shotglass packed in a box protected with thick layers of bubble wrap. We have a 100% crack-free guarantee! If you receive any of the shot glasses cracked, just let us know and we’ll deliver a new one to you ASAP free of charge.
This shot glass is sold on for $9.99 USD with free shipping offered to Prime members. For more information on ordering this item or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.
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The company is currently running a contest to win one of these. Please refer to their rules on their page about the giveaway. I am not liable nor am I hosting it, just something I wanted to state to readers. Enter here.
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