EZlock 4-in-1 Electronic Lock

Having five children in my home is a never ending amount of chaos. Schedules get pretty chaotic and many times, there is always one of them that seem to forget their house key. Leaving the house unlocked is not an option for us, so after discussing option, we decided the EZ Lock product would be the best fit for us and our needs.


Here is what the listing has to say about this product and it’s features which can be found here:

  • # IMPORTANT NOTICE # Read the size information to see if it fits your door (especially when you want to use it on front door)
  • Reversible handle. Suitable for both right handle door and left handle door. Anti-peeking function ( add random code before your real code to prevent people around from peeking your code).
  • Capacity: up to 200 users. Code length: 4-8 digits. One-time Code, convenient for visitors, guests, house keepers, etc.
  • Backlit keypad makes it easy to use at night. Easy installation. Suitable for home, office, warehouse, bank, condo, membership public club, gym, restaurant, hotel, dormitory, etc.
  • Note: One small hole needs to be drilled for installation. This lock is not waterproof, mainly used on interior doors. This lock doesn’t support locking from inside. 100% problem solving guarantee service!

Installation of this was a bit tricky. It wasn’t that the instructions were hard to understand because they were pretty easy, it was having to install it and drilling the necessary hole that we needed. Once we got through that hurdle, the rest was relatively easy. The unit is made well with durable and solid materials. The back lighting on this unit offers a sufficient amount of light that isn’t too blinding. Programming this was easy and the feature that I liked with the codes is you can set them between four to eight digits. The keys have easy to read numerals and have enough bounce to them to where them sticking was not an issue like a previous unit by another brand that we were using,¬†We have not encountered any issues while using this and in the instance of a power outage, there is a back-up battery source as back up.


If you are in the market for a product like this, I would highly recommend it to you. I love ours and so do the kids.

*This product was provided to me at no cost for review purposes. My opinions are of my own based on my own individual experience.

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