Board games are a wonderful way to spend time with your children and make some great memories. There are so many of them out there, that many of us could easily name ten of the top of our head. With that being said, as adults, no matter how fun the game is, we want something different. I think that is safe to say with kids too. They love learning the new rules and the thrill of competition. Board games have some pretty fierce competition though when you take video games into consideration. Flip2BFit has a leg up on that so to speak that both parents and kids will love.

Many board games, you sit at the table, and talk. This leads to a boring night when stacked up next to that latest video game. Flip2BFit offers a spin on your old boring board games with adding some fitness to it. This company promotes physical activity while having fun. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the activities are things we all should be able to do easily and who doesn’t like a little co

mpetition in fitness anyhow?

This company has a couple different options to choose from. I was sent the Flip2BFit Fitness in a Box Board Game and the Bakari Fitness memory game. Both offers some fun filled nights of family bonding and competition.

The Flip2BFit Fitness in a Box Board Game is easy to understand when it comes to how the game is played. This game comes with a spinner to determine which card will be drawn. Depending on the card you draw as well as if you are able to perform the task, will determine how many spaces you will get to move forward on the board. The object is to travel through the park to meet “Springer” in the playground. First one there, wins the game. The various exercises in this games include cardio, yoga, stretching, and strength. All are pretty easy, and some seem a whole lot easier said than done. By the time we were finished playing, the kids really had a lot of fun and asked when we were playing it again. I would definitely say this was a win with my family. This is for recommended for kids 6+ but my five year old got into it and was able to do the cards just fine. It is recommended 2-4 players, so if you have more people, make teams! It gets more interesting.

Bakari was one that really seemed to offer a challenge to the kids. In this game, you need to play memory so to speak, but there is a twist to this. Once you get the match, you need to do the exercise listed on the match. So, the memory part offered a good challenge. One that I sure wasn’t expecting after a long day. The kids struggled a little bit with this, but after the first time playing, they have the hang of it. Now, this is also going to help them with some math skills because they have to add points. Each card has a point value and for us, we used it as only one. So 20 points on each card, you have a pair, but we used it as 20 points. Anyhow, you can certainly do it the other way to speed it up, but the kids seemed to really whip through the game until we did that. The exercises were easy to do for them and even gave us some laughs. This is recommended for ages 6+ but my five year old payed this just fine. It is recommended for 2-4 players, but again, teams are always a lot of fun.

This company offers fun in a box and that is worth a lot when it comes to my family. The kids don’t realize they are being active, and its fun. These items are sold on the company’s website which can be found at http://flip2bfit.com/. Please feel free to visit them on their social media channels as well which are located:


This product was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.

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