Flow Earphones from Sentey

This is a really good pair of headphones for the kids. Offering an adjustable headband, this is sure to fit. The headband has a silicone material on the inside of the band. The earmuff piece is veru cushioned and have a leather look. but are a vinyl material. The earmuff part also is moveable to offer a comfortable fit. The aux jack can be unplugges for easy storage. The earmuff parts also fold up. The colors are as vibrant as pictured. When it comes to sound with these, I would say it is good for the price point. These do get pretty loud, and offer a good amount of bass and treble for them for a crisp sound. My son used these with his tablet, computer, and a few other devices and they worked nicely. I would feel comfortable recommending these to anyone who was considering a purchase of these.

Product offered for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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