The Green Glove Dryer

Snow is fun to play in and many look forward to its arrival in the winter. With the snow, come cold temperatures forcing us to bundle up.  When playing in the snow, once inside, many find their gloves are soaking wet from the snow. Putting them in the dryer is an option, but why waste electricity. Introducing TheGreenGloveDryer. This product offers an energy saving alternative to drying your gloves easily.


TheGreenGloveDryer company is family based with production in the U.S.A. This company also gives back to the community offering opportunities for classrooms to obtain this product so that no child has to deal with wet mittens or gloves. This company and product have received many awards and there has been a lot of media around it. Feel free to take a peak here. They also have a commitment to their customers which sets the bar of standards.

Our Commitment To Our Customers

~ Our Environmental Commitment ~

To manufacture an environmentally responsible, safe, energy- saving product, while utilizing post-consumer recycled materials when possible.

~ Our American Made & USA Manufacturing Commitment ~ 

We are proud to support USA manufacturing.  Our commitment to the growth and sustainability of USA & Michigan manufacturing companies is unwavering.  

American Made ~ perfectly articulated with our friends at Rustic Maka’

“American Made is the hard-earned result of dreaming big.  It is long hours spent into the night, way after the kids have gone to sleep, while pouring your passion into a single pursuit.  It is going that extra mile and the pride that is permanently given to every product and every service.  American Made is knowing that with a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck and not being afraid to fail, we can achieve anything.”


Many of you know that I am a mother of five who lives in the Midwest. When I first heard about this product, it made total sense. With the snow we recently had, I was fast to put this product to use. I snapped it together and set it above my heat register. The kids placed their mittens and gloves on this and they were completely dry by morning. This product doesn’t need to be limited to mittens or gloves in my opinion. It actually does great for hats and small boots as well. I have dropped this a few times on occasion and it didn’t crack or break which would make it safe to say this is also a durable product.

The product is lightweight and comes with a storage bag for when it is not in use.  The product could be used in all seasons with the consideration of rain and gear that your family may wear. This company takes into consideration that your home may have either a wall vent or floor vent, so they do offer both styles. If you are looking for additional extension nozzles or a storage bag, they sell those as well. I really like that they took the consideration for that because when you store this, things do happen and it is possible one could lose something.

In my opinion, this is a wonderful product that just overall makes sense. Whether you have children or not. It is easy to use, store, and is durable. This would make a wonderful gift idea for just about anyone on your list. Feel free to take a look at their website which can be found here.


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This product was provided for the base purpose of review. Opinions are of my own.

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