Kitchen Tongs, Multi-Purpose, Set of 2

Part of being successful in your culinary masterpieces is having the right tools to do the job with. Sometimes, we think we purchase the right ones, only to be left with total disgust by the quality of the item. I sadly am one of those people. I cook a lot in the kitchen for my small army and I have purchased many different items only to find as I am using them that they are complete junk. I recently was offered to check out some tongs from a company by the name of Silicone Designs and I immediately jumped at the offer.

Silicone Designs offers a vast variety of kitchen utensils and products to aid in being a culinary artist for a person on a budget. This company not only offers quality products, but exceptional customer service. I dealt with Michael and he greeted me with exceptional customer service. Offering me any information, answers to questions I had, as well as a follow up on the product, I could tell he really cared what his customers thought about his products. For me, that meant a lot because it shows the customer is number one with this company.

I was sent a set of tongs to check out from this company. I will say, upon receiving them, I was quite impressed. Here is what the product desciption has:

Product Details:
  • Professional Grade, Brushed Stainless Steel with High Quality Silicone Tips and Grips
  • BPA Free Silicone
  • Set of 2 – Large (13.5 inches) and Small (10.5 inches)
  • Multi-purpose Tongs – Kitchen, Food Serving, BBQ, Steak, Pasta, Salad and More
  • Non Slip, Easy to Grip Silicone Handle with Comfortable Thumb Rest
  • Amazing and Easy to Use Lock and Store Feature (pull and push the “O” ring)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large “O” Ring for Easy Hanging Storage
  • Heavy Weight
  • Soft, Ergonomic Feel
  • Easy to Clean

Warranty Information:
  • Standard Warranty Period:        90 Days
  • Extended Warranty Available:    Yes, with product registration

Now these tongs are nicely made. They have a little bit of weight to them which is nice. You can tell they are solid. The silicone on them is nice and thick and not to mention top quality. On these tongs, there is also silicone on the arms of the tongs offering a no-slip grip. I really like this because as we cook, sometimes our hands get full of something and holding on to the tongs can get to be a little challenging. There is also an indentation where your thumb sits. Holding these is really nice as they sit well in my hand. The fact that there are two sizes that comes in this set is something I truly appreciate. With different things, sometimes it is just easier to use a smaller set of tongs rather than the larger ones. There is a lock feature on these as stated in the product description. I love love love this feature as it makes it nice and easy for storage. The lock also has a loop, so if you wanted to hang these up in the kitchen for convenience that is also something you can so with these. Washing these is a breeze making clean-up in the kitchen fantastic. I will say with some silicone products staining is an issue as well as food odors. I haven’t experience that with these tongs which is fantastic.

Compared to others: As I stated in the beginning of my post that not all products for the kitchen are created equal. For tongs, it is a huge statement. For one, there are little crevices that food can sit into and grow bacteria. This proposes a huge problem that can leave people ill. Also, many competitors do offer silicone on their tongs. It is a popular feature, so it is understandable as to why. Unfortunately with that being said their silicone pieces are just not up to standards and often slip off or leave room for problems either with a proper grip or performance. 

For more information about Silicone Designs and the various products they offer, please feel free to visit their website here. For information on ordering this product or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit the Amazon product listing here.

Product imagesw are courtesyt of the listing on Video is my own. 

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