Kitchen Tongs with Stands, Set of 2

If you cook a lot in the kitchen, chances are that you have a few different sets of tongs that you use. You may have ones for the grill, for salads, and many other things. I know for me, I have a few different pair, but what if you would just get by with one pair? One pair that could cover every use!

Silicone Designs has just that answer for you with their kitchen tongs. Here is some information about the set of tongs:
Product Details:
Professional Grade, Brushed Stainless Steel with High Quality Silicone Tips and Rubber Grips
100% Food Grade Silicone and Food Grade Rubber BPA Free
Set of 2 – Two Medium sized tongs: 10.5 inches long
Multi-purpose Tongs – Kitchen, Food Serving, BBQ, Steak, Pasta, Salad and More
Non Slip, Easy to Grip Silicone Handle with Comfortable Thumb Rest Amazing and Easy to             Use Lock and Store Feature (pull and push the “O”ring)
Dishwasher safe Large
“O” Ring for Easy Hanging Storage Heavy Weight Soft, Ergonomic Feel Easy to Clean

Warranty Information:
Standard Warranty Period: 90 Days
Extended Warranty Available: Yes, with product registration

Silicone designs has absolutely wonderful customer service with a wide variety of quality products for a price you can afford. They take the time out and show that they care about their customer and stand behind their products with the warranty they offer. I received the set of tongs very quickly and they were packaged very nicely.

The “O” ring is a wonderful feature for easy storage keeping them accessible for use. I love the “o” ring lock feature as well. It keeps the tongs locked shut which also comes in handy for storage. The silicone tips are nice and thick. Not cheap at all. Silicone on the tips has not scorched, burnt, or stained. It has stayed perfectly in tact. Cleaning them up is a breeze and they are very light. I loved this feature because who wants to hold heavy utensils? I loved the the grips on the actual tongs itself. It helped grasp a great hold on these to keep them from slipping from your hands. The color red is a nice deep rich color which is shown in the picture. You are getting exactly what you see that is for sure. These tongs have a good spring action to them and are nice and durable. I have used these many times and as much as I hate to admit it, I have dropped them as well. They have withstood me using them and still look as good as the day they arrived. The stands on these tongs are something I haven’t seen on a pair of tongs and I really like the feature. It helps keep them in place on the counter or grill and prevents them from rolling which is nice.

To scope out Silicone Designs and their other products, please feel free to check out their website here. This product is sold on for $15.48 USD. For more information on ordering these, or to read other reviews, please feel free to visit the listing which is located here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Images are courtesy of the listing of this product on Silicone Designs website.

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