Kocaso Tablet PC 9″ Android 4.4 KitKat Wi-Fi 1.2 GHz 8 GB Capacitive Screen

With technology out there, I stumbled upon something great. No scratch that, fantastic. Tablets and phones. We have a couple in our household and last trip, we offered them to the kids. It was a pleasant car ride full of peacfulness. The thing with that is, our phones and tablets were a little pricey for the kids to have them at their disposal. I set out to find some affordable but good ones. I have two teenagers and there is no way they were going to go for a cheap off brand that couldn’t offer them what they wanted.

This is a wonderful tablet especially at this price point. I love the color of this first of all. It is a beautiful lavender color with what appears of kind of a wood grain look to it. I haven’t seen a tablet look like that. The tablet comes with everything you need to get started as stated in the product description. That is truly something you don’t see when you purchase tablets these days. Color and vibrancy of the colors of the screen are exceptional and the screen is very clear. Touch screen isn’t touch nor does it lag like many of the bargain brands out on the market. This runs off of the Android platform which offers access to the Google Play store. Downloading apps really is no different on this item then with any other. One part about this item that I really love is that it comes with an OTG (on the go) cable. This offers the option to plug in your camera, hard drive, or whatever else you can think of and use it with this tablet. I did not like that this is not bluetooth enabled. The fact that it had the OTG cable with it though certainly made up for it in my opinion. Sound quality with the speaker is pretty good. About average for your typical tablet. This can have the memory expanded which is another thing that is typically huge with consumers. I plugged in an SD card and it was recognized immediately and it was a breeze. The size of the screen is perfect for watching shows that you stream or for gaming. If you are considering purchasing this, I would tell you to go for it. I think you will be just as surprised with this item as I was.

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 This tablet has it all – the accurate and sensitive screen, fast and fluid performance, twin high-resolution cameras, thousands of amazing apps, 4000mAh li-ion battery and high capacity memory – everything you’ll love. The Quad-Core is up to twice as fast as the previous-generation Dual-Core, and it delivers up to twice the graphics performance, without sacrificing battery life. This means even the most advanced apps are smooth, responsive, and incredibly lifelike. MX9200 is built with dual-camera front facing 0.3 MP and rear facing 2.0 MP. You can share happy moments with your friends, family through live chat. The rear camera, allowing you to capture beautiful scenery at any time.

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