Kurumi Ket

Having a new little one means you want the best for them. With so many items out on the market though, it can be tough to find something of good quality and worth your money these days. Some items out there offer longevity and versatility and those are the types of items I love to have for my kids. It is a main selling point with me I guess you could say.

I was recently offered the opportunity to check out an item called the Karumi Ket. Remember the name of this because I truly believe this is going to be a very popluar item here soon. It comes in a nice box perfect for gifting. Upon taking this item out of the box, it was incredibly soft. I mean there is soft and there is this. The pattern on this is gender nuetral and there are 3 different colors offered for this item named dark, blue, and gray skies. Then there are little stars on the pattern., Very cute. The stitching on this item is straight and I am unable to see any loose threads. Even after washing this item, I didn’t see any of the stiching come undone or threads. The snaps on this are durable and yet easy to snap. This grows with your child as they get bigger. As an infant, use this on the car seat, over a baby carrier, a cover while breast feeding, or just about anything else you can think of. As they become older, this can become their favorite blanket and they can wear it as a poncho as well. This offers just the right size for all of those things. I am sure you could even find more uses for this item. The possibilities are truly endless to be honest.

I offered this to my little guy. He loved to wear it as a poncho. He said it was his super hero cape and couldn’t save the world without it. I thought it was cute myself. This would make an excellent baby shower gift and I see this product being sucessful here in the future.

This product is sold on Amazon.com for $49.99 USD with Prime. For more information on ordering this item or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. Photos are courtesy of the Amazon profile listing.

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