Magic Matt’s Brilliant Blinkies

When it comes to fun things for kids, they love anything that lights up and can be accessorized. Adults too often look for these items for themselves. They are a popular item during holidays and celebrations and are a huge hit in the retail area.

Where I live, for a lot of the times, there are stands that sell such items as these. The items are priced double than what they are worth and it leaves parents with many kids broke trying to get them what the other kids have at various celebrations. Why not try to save some cash and get you and your kiddos the same if not better things? That’s where Magic Matt’s Brilliant Blinkies store on Amazon comes into play. If you haven’t checked this store out on Amazon, you really need to, it is so neat with the things he has to offer and they are AFFORDABLE. No high-way robbery and the stuff is very nice quality.

I contacted Magic Matt to see if he was up for me to do a review for him and he kindly obliged. This is something I do myself. I order glow sticks and other items before holidays and birthday parties. As a mother five, it is a lot smarter that way. Magic Matt was kind enough to send me many different items which I am really excited to tell you all about. Check them out. I am sure you are going to love these as much as my friends and family do.

The first item we were sent is a heart shaped light that changes colors from red, to green, to blue, to yellow, and so one. This is really nice and cute. Would make an awesome little nightlight or to set ambiance when relaxing. The battery can easily be changed and it takes small watch batteries. There is also a power switch on this item which saves on the battery. The light is just the right amount of brightness as well. Not too bright and overbearing.

Glowbys Fiber Optic Hair Clips are a big hit with girls. Especially my girls. The one we were sent has a metal clip to attach to hair. There is a button to turn it on. On top of the clip, it blinks different cool colors. It has filaments on there the go down with the hair and these light up different colors as well. I can’t even explain how cool this item is. I have seen these be sold for like twelve dollars at local fairs, it is no where near that price with Magic Matt.

Led Flyers are good for any kid. Now these were a little tough for me to understand at first as I haven’t seen anything like this ever. I did look on Youtube for how people used these. They were actually really cool. The LED lights are nice and bright with these. Both girls and boys liked these and it kept them busy for a good amount of time. I immediately thought this would be a great item for kid’s birthday parties to share in a grab bag or to hand out during Halloween.

Blinkee Rings are a huge hit for both adults and children. They are made from a stretchable silicone. Simply press the middle to initiate the lights and press again to shut it off. The lights have a wide variety of different colors that light up together. The ring itself can be colored as well. One size fits all. The lights are nice and bright and last a very long time.

The Supersphere is going to be the favorite with any kid. It is a cute wand. When the button is pressed, it whirls around and lights up with cool colors. There is a wrist strap to help little ones keep a good handle on this item and is the favorite with my younger kids. My four year old has been playing with this for a few weeks off and on and this is still as bright as ever.

Magic Matt’s Brilliant Blinkies has a wide array of products for any occasion. The products are durable, long lasting, and affordable. Please feel free to check out the products and many more others located at If you have any questions, they have a chat box too. For a new customer’s purchase, they are offering 10 % off your initial order when you use the code Blinkee10. Hurry over there as this code will expire 12/31/2015.

These products were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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