Makeup Brush Set


It can be hard to find a makeup brush set that is affordable as well as good. I finally found one that is mid grade and gets the job done. Introducing the Maange Brand 15 piece brush set sold on Amazon.


What comes with it:

eye shadow brushes

powder brush

blush brush

concealer brush

lip brush

kabuki brush


Each brush has a wooden handle with soft and silky bristles. I did decide to use these or a period of time prior to writing this. All together I used these for a little over three weeks. I do clean my brushes every few days and after cleaning them, I did not notice the loss of bristles. Bristles also stayed nice and soft. All together, I would recommend this set to anyone who is looking for a makeup brush set and doesn’t want to spend a ton on them. For more information on this set, please feel free to visit the listing which can be found here.


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This product was provided for the purpose of review. My opinion was not influenced based on getting this item.

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