Mondaynoon Swarovski Elements Crystal Bracelet – Wings of an Angel

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, gift ideas are running through many people’s heads. Chocolates, Valentines, and gift ideas. That’s where I come in to play. I have found something absolutely beautiful and affordable. 

I am a mother who likes to try to get my kids something for Valentine’s Day as well. One of them being my teenage daughter. She is at the age where she adores jewelry. Different and beautiful jewelry at that. 

I was contacted from Mondaynoon with an amazing opportunity to review this gorgeous bracelet. It is just stunning. This bracelet comes in a few different colors, but I chose the sea blue. Other colors include, white, rose red, purple, and dark blue. This bracelet measures approx. 9 inches long and weight 0.3 oz. It comes with a black velvet gift bag for gifting as well. For the price, you really can’t go wrong as you look at this, but I am sure many of you are looking wondering, is it worth it. Looks can be deceiving. 

This bracelet fit me just fine, but I have smaller wrists. On my teenage daughter who has bigger wrists, is still fit her perfectly. The wings wrap around the wrist so to speak with the indentation. The medical stainless steel protects you from getting that awful green ring around your wrist when you wear jewelry that is affordable. The bracelet shines and catches the light beautifully, making it so that everyone will notice this wonderful piece of jewelry. The clasp seems to be very durable as well as the chain with the bracelet. All the weight of this bracelet is in the wings part. The detail with this bracelet in the wings and around the gem is very well done. It has incredible detail to it. It is a stunning piece you will want in your jewelry collection.

This bracelet is sold on for $12.99 USD but some of the other colors go for as little as $11.99 USD. If you are interested in reading more reviews or interested in more information in purchasing this product, please feel free to visit here.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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