Ozeri Fresca Salad Spinner

Ozeri Fresca Salad Spinner

My salad spinner is one of my most used kitchen tool. I do eat a lot of salads, but a salad spinner can be used for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Drying lettuce or any food item that you are putting a dressing on needs to be dry. Today we have seen over and over that we need to wash all of our fruits and vegetables to get rid of bacteria and E coli. Then we are left with a pile of wet soggy food, but not if we give it a few spins in the salad spinner.

The Ozeri Fresca Salad Spinner is a large 4.4 quart bowl with a strainer insert. The bowl is clear so it makes a great presentation bowl. Also, by using the spinner bowl you have less clean up and dishes to wash. The spinner bowl and insert are both made of food-safe materials. All BPA free so no need to worry about chemicals leaching into your food.

The strainer insert can be used to wash the vegetables or fruit before spinning. Also, on top of the lid is a knob that rotates the spinning action of the strainer. The knob is easy to spin and comfortable to hold on too. When spinning the is virtually no noise. Everything is also dishwasher safe.

This salad spinner was exclusively made in Italy because they understand fresh foods like greens and herbs. By spinning these foods dry there is no bruising or tearing delicate foods. Also, keeping the design simple, easy to use with out much effort and dishwasher safe the design works great for everyone. On the bottom of the bowl you will find non-slip feet keeping the bowl in place while spinning.



Overall, I have been using a salad spinner for years. I like my lettuce dry before making my salads. This salad spinner is easy to use and clean. Also, the lettuce is drier after spinning. It is normal to have some wetness after spinning. Yes, this can happen especially if you saturate your lettuce in water and do not drain off the majority. Another trick is take a couple pieces of paper towel and stick it down in the lettuce then spin this helps get off some of the hard to remove moisture.

I use the strainer for washing and straining my vegetables and fruit. Also, I like that after I spin my lettuce dry I can give the clear bowl a quick wipe and then build my salad in the same bowl. Less clean up means more time for me. Another thing I use my salad spinner for is drying my frozen peas, blueberries, spinach, mint and so much more.

I like that this salad spinner is manual no batteries to buy or cords to break. All I have to do is move the knob in a circle for a short time and done. I normally stop after a few minutes drain out the water then do it again. Also, the 4.4 quart size is great for a family. I also like that it comes in green or white. I would recommend the Ozeri Fresca Salad Spinner.

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