PackTidy Shirt & Tie Commuter Travel Luggage Organizer by Kings Leather

Traveling, it is something we all have to do. We have to pack and try to make sure we get everything in our suitcase and often, we end up having to take more than we can fit. This often results in your clothing items becoming wrinkled. This is an added stress for many people who are traveling for business. You want to look presentable and not like you just rolled out of bed.

Often, many hotels do not offer an iron for you to use to get those wrinkles out. Sure, there are round about solutions to try to get some of the wrinkles out, but it often takes time and sometimes, it just isn’t effective. I was sent a pretty neat item to remedy this issue from a company by the name of “Kings Leather”.  It’s called the PackTidy Shirt & Tie Commuter Travel Luggage Organizer. Looking at this item, I can tell it will help alleviate many problems that I mentioned, but I wanted to take it for a spin to make sure it would live up to it’s promises.

This item is listed with the promises of :

  • Compact Design Fits into Backpacks, Carry-ons and Luggage
  • Perfect for Business Travel and Everyday Commutes
  • Helps Keep Your Shirt and Ties Crease Free and Sharp
  • Available in Three Colors – Black, Brown & Grey
  • Dimensions: Length – 14″ Width – 11″ Height – 3″ Inches

So, I wanted to see if it was in fact something that would work appropriately as well as easily for travelers. This product is offered in three different color choices for the consumer. Colors of this item include black, brown, and grey. They are gender nuetral colors. It’s advertised for shirts and ties, but this can be used for other clothing items as well. Don’t limit this item. Aesthetically, it is very appealing in the design. Offering a nice hard surface on the outside, this is sure to prevent any “accidents” the airline may have in store for your luggage. This does have a plastic zipper with a pull that has a rubber piece to it. The zipper moves nice and smooth without catching on to anything. .Once opened, this lifts up. There is a folding board that is included with this item that aids in the correct way to fold a dress shirt. It also has picture instructions. I liked that the company offered that because unless you work at a department store or had someone teach you, there is no way you would know how to fold a shirt this way. It is easy to do and can be done within a matter of seconds. When I measured the dimensions of this item, it did measure up to what the listing states. If you have something that were to spill on this item, it will protect the items inside as well as be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. 

I was able to fit 4 dress shirts in this item snugly. This uncluded the ties of course. I left the dress shirts inside of this item and banged it up quite a bit. I also left the items in there for a few days to see how well this would keep the wrinkles away. Once opened, I found that the shirts and ties placed inside of this item were well in tact precisely the way I placed them. They were not moved. Of course if you weren’t to pack this snugly, I imagine that the potential is there for the contesnts inside to be munipulated some as it would be banged around, so keep that in mind. 

Overall, I think this is a wonderful travel solution to remedy wrinkled dress shirts as well as ties. There is the potential to pack a few dresses inside if you are a woman as well. This item has passed my tests and withstood any damage that I tried to inflict on it. This product is sold on for $16.99 USD and has free shipping offered if a Prime member. For more information on this product or to read further reviews, please feel free to visit the listing which is located here.

This product was provided at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review. 
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