Premium Flameless Tealight Candles (24 Pack) – LED Decorative Tea Lights By Celebright

When it comes to decorating your home, we all have one thing in mind, setting ambiance. We want the room to feel comfortable, a pleasant mood. We add various colors with items and paint, then there are those little touches that we need to add. Things that offer the personalization of our home. Reflecting our personality.

One thing I love to add in every room of my home to create a relaxing atmosphere is candles. Unfortunately, with five children in my home, having candles lit isn’t exactly safe to do, so I needed to look for alternate items that could offer me the same results. On my search, I stumbled across some flameless tealight candles. These run off of a lithium battery. They have a power switch to save on battery life located on teh bottom of each one. Light supplied by these tealights is very nice. Around the same amount of light that would be offered from a regular tealight. They are equipped with a design to impersonate a real flame. It is a little larger than what it would be realistically to me. The flickering action offered with these really does resemble an actual candle. I am quite impressed by the quality of these.

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