Realtree knit caps By Camo Chique

Whether you’re out on a hunt or on the go, when it is cold, it’s important to wear a hat to keep warm and when hunting, to stay safe. Many hats out there barely cover your ears while others, they do, just with thin material, so it basically defeats the whole purpose of wearing a hat.

Camo Chique offers some wonderful outdoor camo hats. I was lucky enough to try two of them. I was pretty impressed with them. Here is what I thought.

Realtree Blaze Beanie Cap, Adult LIGHTWEIGHT Cuffed Hat +Reuseable Mini Tote (Misc.)
This is a knit cap that offers warmth as well as safety while out with the bright orange color. Pattern is what you would expect with orange camo with stitching done on the inside of the top of the hat. Stiching id done nicely with no loose threads. This offers plenty of length to cover your ears and have a nice fold. Many of my hunting hats do not offer this. The seller offers a prayer card to bless your hunt which I thought was a nice added touch. The cinch bag that comes with this is the brown camo. The cinch bag is a drawstring one offering durability. I did test the strength of this bag and, it has withstood the test.

Realtree Beanie Cap, LIGHTWEIGHT Cuffed Camo Hat, Adult One Size
Stay warm and show off your outdoorsy side with this beautiful hat. Pink camo design is bright and vibrant on a material that feels a lot like sweatshirt material. This hat is nice and thick. Looking on the inside, it has the knit material. All stitching is in the inside on the top of the hate which is done very nicely with no loose strings of thread. This hat covers the ears perfectly with extra material to fold for style. With hates I normally get, it doesn’t have enough room to cover all of my daughter’s ears. Normally, I have a hard time getting her to wear a hat but with this one, I have no issues with getting her to wear one. She was even asked in the store where she got her hat from. Made her feel special.

Realtree Pink Beanie Cap, LIGHTWEIGHT Ladies Camo Cap in Forest Mini Tote (Misc.)
Stay warm with this beautiful and stylish hat. Offering a pink camo print, this is very bright and perfect for any girl who enjoys the outdoors. The camo part of this hat is a meterial like you would feel on a sweatshit while the inside is the typical knit material you normally see in a hat. Stitchiing is done from the inside top of the hat. It is done nice and well offering a double stitch with no loose threads. This hat offers plents of room sizewise to fold up for a bigger or short brim covering all of your ears at the same time. This hate is very comfortable as well as warm. The tote looks just as it appears in the photo. I did test this tote to see how strong it was. With various weights tested, the strongs didn’t snap and the cinch bag didn’t rip, so it offers some durability as well.

I have included hyper links of the products in case anyone wanted to read further reviews or was interested in ordering this item. They are truly some nice hats to combat the cold weather. 

These items were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review. 

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