When it comes to sitting at home, we all like to be comfortable. Why not offer someone this holiday season with something that offers comfort and warmth for those chilly night.

The Snuggie is a wonderful gift idea that is offered in many different patterns to suit a person’s style. The material is fleece and offers a suitable amount of thickness for warmth and comfort. The Snuggie is machine washable and measures 71 in x 54 in. What I love about this, is there are pockets. The pockets offer a suitable depth to keep your cell phone inside as well as Kleenex and such.

There is a huge variety of patterns to choose from as I mentioned as well as different varieties offered. There is a couples one, animals for children, and much more. The average retail price for the Snuggie seems to run at  $14.99 USD.

I was sent the Zebra patterned one and it is a huge hit in my household. The kids as well as myself use this while lounging around. It just depends who gets to it first I guess. Overall, this is indeed very comfortable and does a great job keeping me toasty warm on those chilly mid-western evenings. Keep in mind when washing this item, it is fleece, so it does have the potential to shrink.

To take a look at the different varieties offered please feel free to check out the Snuggie Store which can be found here.

Feel free to visit them on Facebook for more information as well as giveaways.

This product was provided at no cost for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased review.

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