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When it comes to quality products when it comes to entertaining, there is only one company to consider for the best of products and the is a company called Soireehome. Soireehome is a company that is on They sell a variety of products that are top notch quality and very nice ones at that.

I recently stumbled upon them while searching for a gift. I asked them if there was any way I could review an item for me and they kindly obliged. The respresentative from the company was very nice as well as helpful and checked in with me to make sure the order was received. When I received my package, they sent me a few samples and I was very excited to dig into them and check them out. Their items do not disappoint and I am so happy to have stumbled across this company. Here is what I was sent and what I thought about them:

This is truly a need for any wine connoissuer. Instead of having to air out your wine, use this. It makes it so the wine is perfect tasting right when you open the bottle. This aerator offers a nice silicone seal that goes into the bottle. It doesn’t leak and fits into any wine bottle. Well, atleast the ones I tried. The aerator part is made of clear glass and offers a very pretty design to it. This is perfect for entertaining and for a girls night. The stand is also very nice. When taken from the bottle, you can set it in the stand to prevent it from rolling off of the counter and dripping. I myself keep this out on display in the kitchen. Yes, I have received many questions as to what it was, but once people knew and tried it, they commented they needed one. This truly is a must for any wine drinker!

 Stainless Steel Chilling Spheres With Matching Metallic Stirring Rods | More Chill Than Whiskey Stones | Have Your Cold Drink ‘On The Rocks’ Without Ice Cubes | Beer & Wine Compatible | Create Sophisticated-Looking Gourmet Cocktails with Ease (Kitchen)

These are so cool. Be the talk of the party while you are entertaining with these. They aren’t limited to just drinks. They can be used in dips, soups, and much more. These have some weight to them and are made of stainless steel. The hooks to retrieve these out of your drinks or dishes remind me of crochet hooks. These are easily retrievable and do a wonderful job keeping things chilled. They are not dishwasher safe, but they clean up easily with mild soap and water. I placed these in the freezer for a few hours prior to using and they worked awesome. I love how these have a silicone base as well to not only sit on in the freezer, but when you retrieve them. They wont go rolling everywhere and will drip into the hold. I think these would make an excellent gift. I have had many of my guests inquire what they were and where I got them.

Dimple Refills | Replacement Chilling Cones | Soireehome
These wonderful dimple refill cones are perfect for when you are entertaining. Compatible with any of the dimple line of glasses by Soireehome, these come color coated. I think these are perfect for entertaining when it comes to distinguishing who’s drink is whos. We all have had that issue from time to time when entertaining. These have a magnetic ring inside them which holds them inside of the glasses. They are easily inserted as well as taken out. It is recommended these are chilled for a few hours prior to using and they offer a chill for your drink for up to 30 minutes. I actually noticed it performed the action a little longer. These are not dishwasher safe and will need to be cleaned with mild soap and water. I love these and there is no longer beverages getting wasted because they are getting watered down with ice. I am impressed with these. If you have the glasses that require these, you are going to want some extra refills. These have a nice silicone ring on the bottom of them to help prevent slipping off of the surface you set it on. The idea is exceptional.

Beer Chiller Pint Glass Cooler Set | A Brilliant Magnetic Solution To Keeping Any Beverage Cold. Insulated Silicone Chills Better Than Koozies. Works Just Like Stone Whiskey Rocks, But No Washing Required
These wonderful pint glasses are excellent for entertaining. I am the type of person where once my drink gets warm, I don’t care to drink it anymore. I don’t like to add ice because it tends to water my drink down. This is the perfect solution. Simply pop the dimple devices in the freezer a few hours before entertaining and insert. The dimples are held into place by a magnetic hold which is really nice and convenient. Putting them in and removing them is easier than ever. It advertises that it keeps drinks cold for 30 minutes. It actually kept my drinks colder a little longer which is what I like because I am no guzzler. These are glass with a nice silicone bottom easy for holding. The dimples also have a silicone ring which keeps your drink from slipping off of any surface. I think they really hit a home run with the design and this product. My friends think these are the coolest thing ever. I think these would make a great gift.

Soireehome Stopair-2 each
These are a great item to have for anyone who like to enjoy a drink or two. I am not a lush when I drink wine, so one glass is usually what I will enjoy, maybe two if it was a hard day. The problem with that is there are no small bottles of wine and once opened, they tend to go bad unless you enjoy it quickly. I myself can’t really, so the wine usually goes bad, but not anymore now that I have these. These go easily into the mouth of the wine bottle. They are lined with silicone, so it creates a nice seal without any leaks. In the directions it says 10-15 pumps or else it will get hard to take out. Well, seeing as though I was testing this, I had to check and they weren’t kidding, so make sure you only do it as they say in the directions. The vcuume pump is really easy to do. I mean its fool proof to be honest. These aren’t dishwasher safe but they clean easily with mild soap and water. I highly recommend these if you like to enjoy wine but not by the bottle.

These products are truly amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Soireehome has many more products availale. Please feel free to visit them on their social media channels as well as their website. 


These products were received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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