The AquaAudio™ Cubo – Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Since starting my reviewer voyage, I have had the opportunity to try a few different waterproof bluetooth speakers. I look for specific things in these speakers and I will admit, I am a bit picky when it comes to these. I want them to be perfect or pretty close to it.

I was sent the AquaAudio Cubo bluetooth speaker to take a look at. Let me just start out by saying, this is by far the BEST one I have come across. This speaker has a unique square design. The first one I have seen with this design. It comes in four different color selections. There is black, baby blue, pink, and silver. I was sent the silver one. This speaker has many features that alone really make this stand out far from the rest of the competition.

Pairing this with a device is easy. Go to your device and enable your bluetooth. Search for the device. It should come up as AquaAudio. Simply turn on the power button. It will tell you power on and a light will begin to blink from blue to red to let you know it is ready to pair. When pairing, it will state it for you. Once done getting paired, it will beep. Go ahead and turn on your music and enjoy. This speaker also has Siri capabilities which I thought was awesome. You can answer the phone in the shower and even tell it to call a person which is pretty awesome when you think about it. You have controls on this such as play/pause, fast forward, rewind, and volume controls. There are a few of these speakers where they don’t have volume controls, so that was an added bones with this as well for me. The suction cup for this is nice and large, making a good hold to any surface you may choose to put this on.

So now that we got into the features, lets talk about how good this works. The sound is very crisp and clear. When playing music with a lot of bass, this speaker doesn’t distort at all. It has a good amount of bass that I would’ve never thought it would have. This speaker gets nice and loud. I have seen a few where the volume just is a joke. If you look at the back of this speaker, you will see all the holes which is an indication of how good the sound is going to be. As for this being waterproof, the designers of this product are spot on. I have dropped this in a pool and a tub full of water. It has been immersed many times. With that being said, it still works as well as the day I received it. The sound or function of this haven’t been compromised what so ever. Many other speakers, will just shut off or the sound sounds muzzled when this happens, so that’s a huge plus when you think about it with this one.

All together, this is by far the best I have seen out there. It is priced for just as much as the competition as well, however the competition is no where near as good to be honest. For more information in regards to this product or to read what other reviewers think, please feel free to take a look here. This product is sold on for $24.95 USD. They also make many other speakers as well.

This product was received for the purpose of inspection and for an unbiased review.

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